Zelda Breath of the Wild 2: Release, Gameplay & More: All Info & Rumors

What is there new to Zelda Botw 2?

Update, March 30, 2022: It was a long time for Breath of the Wild 2 – Now we know why. In a video message Nintendo has confirmed that the Open World game does not appear until 2023. Unfortunately, there was no further information about the game and it was not the final name betrayed.

With a trailer, Nintendo has officially confirmed the development to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 during E3 2019. This gives one of the most popular and best games of the past decade a continuation. We have compiled all known information for you so far. We will also be discussed here in the article on rumors to the Sequel.

  • Release: When will Breath of the Wild 2 appear?
  • Story: What expects us content?
  • Gameplay: What does Breath of the Wild 2 playfully offer?
  • Opponent : These are the returners in BOTW2 2
  • Game world: BOTW 2 becomes clearly linear?
  • Atmosphere: What the trailer reveals about the mood
  • KOOP: Will we also play Zelda?

We do not want to spend you long on the torture, here is the new gameplay trailer to Breath of the Wild 2:

Disclaimer: We will update this article after receiving new information. So you are always up to date.

Release: When will Breath of the Wild 2 appear?

An exact release date has not yet communicated Nintendo and had to disappoint fans again. Because with the following video message, Producer Eiji Aonuma confirmed that Breath of the Wild 2 is moved again. Instead of 2022 it will appear at the earliest in spring 2023.

Story: What expects us content?

Officially, Nintendo has not yet expressed himself to the action of Breath of the Wild 2. In recent months, however, rumors have surfaced over the plot. Accordingly, the Sequel should build directly to the end of the predecessor. The goal of link and Zelda is the reconstruction of Hyrules.

A new threat: According to rumor, our heroes will not get to do with Ganondorf this time. Rather, they have to defend themselves against a new, yet unknown villain.

Where is the rumor? The source refers to a well-known leader who has already published information on the Nintendo-Exclusive Xenoblade Chronicles 2 in the past.

Shortly after the appearance of the trailer, more fan theories have surfaced, which relate to the mummy and the green skeleton arm in the clip. Among other things (spoiler part 1) is suspected that the defeated Calamity Ganon was not the real Ganon, which was located all the time in the basement under the castle. The complete theories you can read here:

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Zelda is kidnapped again? In the trailer is briefly seeing a scene in which Zelda is likely to be kidnapped. So far, there are no more info, but in the course of the gameplay, only link is shown, which explores the world al1. So it is well possible that Zelda once again have to be freed from the catches of evil.

What happens to link and the Shiekah stone? There are two versions of link within the trailer. With the scenes on the ground, he is priority with a shorter braid and an intact right arm. Later, but he has longer hair and his right arm looks different.

So it seems that the arm of Link is combined with the power of the Shiekah after something happened in the castle with Zelda. This does not require the Shiekah stone to use these forces.

No Master Sword? At the beginning of the trailer we still see how link carries the master sword. But when he is attacked by the devastation, he apparently can not use the sword anymore. What exactly happens, however, remains in the dark yet.

Now it was shown that the master sword is probably breaking – the exact reason is of course unknown:

Where is the decu tree? In a short scene, it can be seen that the decu tree in the foresight no longer fills the horizon of Hyrule. So it can be very good that something happened in the forest, whereby the tree died. That could be the reason why maybe the master sword is gone.

Gameplay: What does Breath of the Wild 2 playfully offer?

The trailer also showed that link has learned some new tricks in the successor:

Fire Weapon : With a mysterious apparatus at his arm, fire can shoot fire. In the trailer he fights a huge worm-like opponent in a cave.

Teleportation through walls : Link can teleport with a new ability through walls. This is used in a cloud world, in which link moves from below to a platform.

Skills without Shiekah stone : As the trailer shows, the Shiekah stone does not need to use the skills. To stop a ball and return to the opponents, he simply uses his right arm.

Otherwise, many things pointed to a very similar playful flow. There was no indication of correct dungeons or the like yet.

What will playfully suspect?

Back to the past? So there should be playable flashback sequences of link, which take place before his 100-year sleep. Means: In BOTW 2 we could play sections that are settled in time before the start of the predecessor. These flashbacks should be based on the style of the PATE 2. Here, the past of the Corleone family was shown in flashes.

Opponent: These are the returners in BOTW 2

Bokoblins and Ivarocks : Two known opponent types were presented in the trailer, the connoisseur directly recognizable. The little goblins, which were standard opponents, are back with them. But also the big stone biesters are back. This time, the opponents can also live on them, as the trailer has shown.

A snake monster? NEW in the trailer to see there was a snake monster consisting of green st1. There is not much more than a short look but not yet.

Is that the villain?

There was a new villain in a very short scene. It is the body of Ganondorf, which was included in the dungeon of Hyrule Castle. What exactly he does is not apparent yet, but he seems to start the events from Breath of the Wild 2.

Game world: in BOTW 2 it goes into the air

In Breath of the Wild 2, it goes back to the game world Hyrule, which we could already travel in the first part. But it does not stay with the old one, because this time we explore the sky of Hyrule.

Fragmented: As the trailer shows, you can visit link the destroyed sky world. The individual places are smashed and must be visited in between with the glider.

How do we get into the sky city? There are no exact details of how exactly link comes into the heaven. In the trailer we see how it falls out of an enormous height. So it could be that we are over the clouds at the beginning of the game and then have to jump down.

Also on the ground new adventure : The rest of the time we will be on the ground. There we explore the world we already know from the first part. Whether new places come to it is currently unknown.

What else was suspected of the game world so far?

Overlooking the trailer and the statement of Zelda-Director Eiji Aonuma, we return to the continuation in the well-known game world Hyrule. According to information from Twitch Streamer Tyler McVicker, which is known primarily for insider information about Valve, we will not discover the world map in the Sequel as before by climbing towers.

According to his statements, the dark power of Ganon should have laid over Hyrule. If she is present, we can not enter the areas. If we freed the areas of evil, we can explore them. That should also be the reason why BOTW 2 is clearly linear specifically at the start of the game.

Trailer Note: Untilfined is the occurrence of the dark power of Ganons by fans-decrypted Gerudo characters from the trailer. Translated should mean these “sealing ganon”.

Orientation to Red Dead Redemption 2: According to the developers, Rockstars Western game served as a true source of inspiration for the sequel. Thanks to RDR 2, the game world should offer significantly more details thanks to RDR 2, which “populate the Open World”. It does not necessarily mean more NPCs, but rather the rather barren map from the predecessor should become more alive.

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More Dungeons: According to Tyler McVicker, Nintendo is still to be oriented to another, unnamed game known for its dungeons that are organically integrated into the game world. The absence of classic dungeons is considered one of the greatest criticisms of the predecessor, which the developers want to accept.

That in Breath of the Wild 2 classic dungeons celebrate a comeback, a job advertisement suggests. Here is a designer searched, which works next to Game Events and the so-called Field Planning also on dungeons.

Atmosphere: What the trailer reveals about the mood

While in Breath of the Wild, despite the hard, desolate history, we mostly stay in bright, colorful areas, we could expect a completely different mood in the successor. At least when we orient ourselves at the trailer.

Here are link and Zelda probably in a dark vault below the castle. The whole video conveys a consistently gloomy atmosphere, which is accompanied by the scary music. This also shown in the form of a lifeless undead, which wakes up by inflowing corruption and a mysterious ghost hand to life is anything but cheerful.

It remains to be seen if the general mood in Breath of the Wild 2 corresponds to the trailer. According to Director Aonuma, the “a little gloomy” shown so far should be as the rest of the game. So we experience a similarly scary atmosphere as before in Majora’s Mask, that remains to be seen.

KOOP: Will we also play Zelda?

Away from the spin-off Hyrule Warriors or the Koop-Zelde’s Four Swords and Tri Force Heroes we always had to settle with hero link as a playable character. If it goes according to the wish of many fans, is now finally princess Zelda in the row.

Spoiler warning to the end of its predecessor!

With a view to the end of Breath of the Wild and the liberation Zeldas, we can well imagine that both link and the princess are playable. The trailer also gives plenty of space for speculation, after all, both characters are traveling together. Maybe even a coop mode?

Nintendo about a playable Zelda: The former Kotaku author Jason Schreier could ask in an interview Director Aonuma at the request of the fans. On Schreier statement, Zelda could now also be protagonist after her liberation, but Aonuma could not reveal any further answer.

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Colin Stevens by IGN, however, the director again elicited a very exciting statement:

“I’ll find that exciting that you address that, because in Breath of the Wild you can see Zelda and Link together very often, so the idea is to think about Koop, very interesting for me.”

If we are after us, but the time is ripe that link will get a small breather in between – or at least support for his travels:

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Breath of the Wild 2 should finally make Zelda for playable heroine


Possible Collector’s Edition for Breath of the Wild 2

In August 2020, a European dealer dived a listing for a Collector’s Edition to Breath of the Wild – including the date-class holder and without concrete information on the content of the Collection. This is supposed to be just 15 euros more expensive than the standard edition.

__11 __1

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Our assessment: For one of the master-waiting titles for the switch, Nintendo will probably not be taken to publish it in an extensive equipped Limited or Collector’s Edition, possibly with SteelBook, figure and book with backgrounds to development. This is naturally speculative, but probably probably how, among other things, the past has shown. Also to the last Zelda on the Switch – the Remaster to A Link’s Awakening – there was a special collector’s edition.

Zelda Botw speculates and analyzed

With the new trailer of the E3 2021 the first details were known and we also from Zelda Botw have dealt with the video in detail. In our large analysis we show you what the gameplay tells us everything allegedly:

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Other speculation, rumors and more to the latest trailer :

  • Fans discover familiar melody in the trailer
  • The graphical changes between Part 1 and 2
  • Maybe we do not play links
  • Left arm is not reminiscent of princess Mononoke without reason
  • These are the Zelda Botw suggestions for the correct title of the game
  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 – Link could get a gripping hook

But to new information, it says: Be patient: So far, Nintendo at Breath of the Wild 2 still lets us with many points in the uncertain, also Zelda-Producer Eiji Aonuma asks to new official information about playing something patience. Nevertheless, we wanted to bring you on the basis of cool theories and quite credible and exciting rumors up to date. As soon as we learn new information about the game, we will update the article for you. Anyway, we are curious where the journey in BOTW 2 leads us.

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