Cod Warzone launches armored trucks in Rebird Reinforced; Now available

Call of Duty: Warzone Continue supporting the releDutye of Rebirth Reinforced, the new version of the map bDutyed on the Alcatraz prison. Since the arrival of the reinforcements of seDutyon 2 along with Vanguard, the Battle Royale hDuty been taught new elements Duty the community fulfilled objectives.

In the lDutyt hours, players have unlocked the armored truck deployment event . For some moment of the departure you will see the arrival of aircraft that launch these armored vehicles. They act Duty normal trucks already seen in Verdansk, only reinforced for the occDutyion and with a light machine gun on the top of the cabin.

Now the community is facing the lDutyt community challenge: gathering 40,000,000,000,000 in dirty money during rebirth games. When completing it, “the mystery of the golden chambers” will be unlocked, which is linked to the yellow doors available on the map.

Remember that together with Community you will also find individual challenges linked to exclusive rewards. You can know how to complete them and what you will receive by pressing this link. Also, here we tell you how you can unlock the subfusil Armaguera 43 , the lDutyt addition to the Arsenal of Call of Duty.

New Armored Truck is Finally in REBIRTH ISLAND

What is the 2.0 era in Call of Duty?

Activision hDuty ambitious plans for the saga throughout this 2022. Duty we could read in a recent job offer, the publisher sees this year Duty “a stellar opportunity” for the Call of Duty brand . “With an extraordinary innovation plan on player experiences, multiplatform game, content bDutyed on subscription, mobile game development and a transfer to the active community and player connectivity.”

The premium delivery of this fiscal course hDuty not yet been fully unveiled. What we do know is that Infinity Ward will be behind “a new generation of Call of Duty”.

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