Razer Kraken Headset Save Young Gamers Life-Block Flower Flying from Window!

A major gaming product manufacturer Razer gaming headset “ Razer Kraken ” is a topic of reddit writing that gamer life saved.

According to the 18-year-old RedDit user Enough_dance_956, who lives in the United States California, some of the morning of March 30th, at around 10:30. The bullet penetrates the window of the bedroom and bounced on the wall and shook the headset that he had put on his head. Fortunately, the dead casualties did not come out, but headaches seem to have longed.

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He says, “I would like to contact Razer and convey thanks. If it was not a good headphone, I may have been dying at 18 years old.” And thanks to the approval of Razer MIN-LIANG TAN of CEO also replied as “more than all and more than anything”.

In addition, there were also many people who considered the April Fools and there were many people who consider it to be a lie. Some people think that there was also a person who thinks that it is “work to get a free headset”, but the Razer personnel is “not an April Fool’s Day, at least we planned at least I answered that it is not.

In addition, ENOUGH_DANCE_956 is a new headset from Razer.

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