Pulse Vis Black Desert Mobile, China Public Test (OBT) Started on April 26

The Bis (Representative Heavy) announced today (6 days) today (6 days) of the Chinese public test (OBT) of ‘Black Desert Mobile’ starts on the 26th.

We hold “Fantasy Adventure Knight” to celebrate Chinese services on 26 days. China’s famous e-sports player and BJ ‘A BJ’ Daishi (Daishi, “BJ” Ambassador (Daishi), which has a “PDD” and 10 million followers, communicate with users We will proceed with various events.


We conducted a total of three tests and private beta tests (CBT) for the local content and services for the local content. Chinese Games’ Professional Site ‘17173’ The game player awarded by the user ‘s players’ game player award’ The most expecting game of this year ‘was selected to receive great attention of Chinese users.

Choi Moo-Won Black Desert Mobile Chinese director director said, “We have been working closely with publishers for Chinese services, and have poured a lot of time and effort in localization,” he said.

Black Desert Mobile is a multi-contact role-performing game (MMORPG) that reinterprets PC original ‘black desert’ into mobile. The global cumulative download number exceeded 36 million. Pulse was awarded a high-game capacity, customizing, and customizing high-game performance, which maximizes high level graphics and action properties made by a bis self-game engine, and won a six-year-old Korean game for the 2018 Korea Games.

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