If you make a reservation, you can play the beta version-Neighbor Horror “Hello Neighbor 2” December 6 release decision!

Tinybuild has announced the release date as December 6, and has started delivery of the booking purchase and delivered the workpiece for the reservation purchaser for “Hello Neighbor 2” **.

This work is a sequel to the stealth horror “Hello Neighbor” that struggles to find the secret of the disgusting neighbor. NPCs, including neighbors, learn from players’ behavior that infiltrate to explore the secret, and gradually take measures taken to them. Make a bold strike in the back of AI and approach the secret of the neighbor.

If you purchase this work, you can quickly play experiential beta versions that you can feel the new location and residents of this work and feel the atmosphere of the gameplay. In addition, be careful not to clarify the largest secret of this work, so it is possible to play without worrying about spoiler.

In addition, reservation acceptance of the Deluxe Edition of this work is also started. When you purchase a Deluxe Edition, in addition to the experience beta version, you can earn early access to the three DLCs that will be released after the release and the 5 days before the release date, will be able to play early access.

The HIDDEN SECRETS Of Hello Neighbor! | Hello Neighbor Final Build Act 1 Secrets (Full Game)

“Hello Neighbor 2” is scheduled to be released on December 6 for PC (Steam, Epic Games Store) / PS4 / Xbox ONE. In addition, it is planned to respond to “Xbox Game Pass” from the first day of the release.

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