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If a Samsung smartphone is sold in Europe, then worked with certain security an Exynos chip. If it goes to new plans that have now become known, that could soon be changed. That and what else has happened this week, you will learn in this issue of Samsung Insights.

Samsung Galaxy: Soon without Exynos processor?

Samsung is known to travel a two-track strategy with their smartphones and tablets: in North America and the Asian markets, Galaxy smartphones are published with a Snapdragon chip of Qualcomm, in Europe, on the other hand, the same devices are sold with an Exynos from Samsung’s own production.
This leads to a curious situation. In recent years, the Samsung devices had been particularly highlighted. The smartphones sold in this country with Exynos processor were not only behind the expectations in many tests, but also in a direct comparison with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon in some concerns – most recently, about the graphics performance.
That could change soon. After an internal conversation, which the Korean news page Inews24 has taken up, Samsung not only wants to delete the Exynos, but produce its own chip exclusively for the Galaxy smartphones.

What that means for you will learn in the Samsung INSIGHTS, the video can be found in the article.


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Severin pick

Unreal Engine 5 published

There was also a new one from Epic Games. The latest version of the Unreal Engine has been published after being presented in December with the impressive “The Matrix Awakens” demo. In addition, some announcements: both “The Witcher 4” as well as a new “Tomb Raider” should be in making the freshly published engine. And who wants to create a hand, gets a practical app for easy to create 3D models with “Reality Scan”.

Besides, Robert fights like a cow.

Exynos 990 Mobile Processor: Official Introduction | Samsung

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