Warner Bros. Kisy Rumor about the cancellation of EZRA MILLER

Yesterday a new report came to light, which mentioned that Warner Bros . He had carried out an emergency meeting to determine the future of Ezra Miller as Flash in the future of DCEU , this after the actor was arrested for inappropriate behavior. Well, apparently, this meeting never existed, according to a source within the study.

Ezra Miller DONE At WB After ARREST!? The Flash CANCELLED!? Grant Gustin To REPLACE Ezra Miller?
According to an internal source of Warner Bros ., The study never carried out any board or meeting where the future of Miller was determined within the DCEU **. Apparently, as a result of this Board, all the projects would have been paused in which the actor was involved, but it seems that this never happened.

Because this report came from the magazine ROLLING STONE , it seems that Warner Bros. He felt the need to clarify it before it came out of control. And it is certainly rare, since the producer normally does not respond to this type of accusations, but on this occasion they had to do it.

Editor’s note: It is rare that Warner Bros. has only denied the rumor, but they have not mentioned anything related to some kind of punishment for the actor. Maybe that’s going to manage internally, but surely there will be disappointed by the news.

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