Korea Mobile Game Association, Membership for Small Indie Game Development

The Korea Mobile Games Association and IT Company On Faces are powered to open a new form of membership for a small and medium-sized game developer.

Presentation of The Sandbox Gaming Platform to Korean Mobile Games Association
The Korea Mobile Games Association (President Hwang Sung-ik) and the CEO (Representative Kim Min-seok) said it will cooperate with a member of the Association and a game manufacturing device for domestic indie and small-medium game developers.

This member is operated in the form of providing special discounts to the association’s executive and member targets, considering that they are hesitating computer device purchases for game development, and in the form of a special discount. In addition, it is also considered to be considering rental support for new start-ups that are difficult to purchase separately.

If you purchase using the Association online member-specific mall, you can get device settings and maintenance free of charge, and you will be able to organize various seminars for device operations with on page. In addition, we plan to provide devices to a rental manner through on page self-funding to provide small and medium and indigame-game developers, and new start-up developers to reduce funds.

Kim Min-seok, through the testimony, “has a complaint of small and medium indie game developers through a” affiliate on Face Games, “.e. It is very glory to be able to be very good. In addition, many of the games, many of the game users would have been the instrument that can be entered into the iOS market as well as the Android market. ” I said.

President Hwang Sung-ik said, “Excellent game development devices for small and medium indie game developers are essential, and I hope to have a little help with a good activity with the on-page, and a good activity. In the future, the Korea Mobile Games Association I will do a variety of businesses that can help Small and Medium Gaming Developers, and I would like to ask you a lot of interest. “

Online membership alone can be accessed through the following addresses, and can only receive discounts and support for membership and executives. The developer who wants to join the association may be in the “Korea Mobile Games Association Online Membership Foam” to join. General membership will be held free of charge, and join the Association’s executive subscription will contact the Korea Mobile Game Association Contact ([email protected]).

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