Boston Celtics secure second place in the east

On the last main day day, some decisions were still out of the playoff placements. The Boston Celtics go to the east as second in the finals, in the west is a duel with the nuggets for the Warriors.

Tip-off between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Milwaukee Bucks. The CAVs secure the first attack, Jrue Holiday goes to the Game Building Cleveland, Fouls It undue, immediately disappears on the bench and would no longer return. What may surprise at first glance has made a lot of bonus payments to the Bucks Guard.

Because Holiday should no longer reveal in this game, the Bucks wanted to spare their stars and rotary players – even if the title of the defending champion on the last major tour day still the question was whether they would go to the final round as the second or third parties.

So the Bucks at the end with 115: 133 moved the shorter. Thanks to their 139: 110 success, the Boston Celtics climbed into second place. The Philadelphia 76ers have to settle for the Detroit Pistons with fourth place despite their 118: 106 victory.

On the placements of the four teams, which only through the “play in” tournament, on the last matchday of the regular season, nothing changed, because next to the Cavs also the Brooklyn Nets, Atlanta Hawks and Charlotte Hornets won.

NBA Gametime react to Celtics dominate Bulls 117-94 for 50th win, close in on No. 2 spot in East

In the west, the duels of the “Play in” tournaments were already stuck, here was on the last matchday that the Golden State Warriors or Dallas Mavericks would prove the third and whether the Utah Jazz or Denver Nuggets would prove fifth place. While the Warriors (128: 107 against New Orleans), MAVs (130: 120 vs. San Antonio) and Jazz (111: 80 against Portland) won, the Nuggets lost 141: 146 against the Lakers. So nothing changed in the placements here.

This results in the following playoff tree:

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