Peeps in SCI

Before leaving A new science fiction cities manufacturer of the Worms Team 17 publisher, is now available on the Play Store for PS5 and PS4. With six different biomes to explore, you will be responsible for taking control of peeps (survivors of a global disaster) and help them rebuild civilization, spreading on new shorelines and looking for ancient technologies. The game is priced at $ 14.99 £ / $ 19.99, but you can enjoy a 20% discount by April 19, 2022.

Fun with Peeps! - Quick Peep Experiements

The list of the PS Store reads as follows: “Your peeps have passed generations underground. They missed the caress of the sun on the skin, the noise of the ground between the toes, the tickling of the flies on the nose. They emerge, full of wonder, but without any idea. How to push anything – except potatoes. Start rebuilding their lost civilization by providing shelter, discovering an old technology and extending this reborn society to other continents and planets.

Benedict Nichols de The Falconeer composed the soundtrack alongside James Dean, who has already won a price for “audio excellence”. Will you take control of the fate of these peeps on PS5, PS4? Forge their destiny in the comments below.

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