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The Publisher behind the most famous manga magazine, Shonen Jump, opens its own games studio. And the first projects look very promising.

Verlag behind Shonen Jump now makes video games

Every week a new edition of the “Shonen Jump” magazine appears in Japan. Readers and readers get the latest chapters their favorite manga rows: From One Piece, about My Hero Academia, to Hunter x Hunter.

Now the Publisher of Shonen Jump wants to try in the area of gaming. According to a new report by Famitsu, the company SHUEISHA has founded the company Shueisha Games in February 2022. This should in future bring both games for the PC, console and mobile devices on the market as well as board games. (Source: Famitsu)

In which direction it could go for the video games of the freshly founded studio, Shueisha Games project shows from last year. For the Shueisha Game Creators Camp, the Publisher has picked up a few indie developers to support them at their work.

A few of the pretty games arising from the cooperation are The Tower of Children, Captain Velvet Meteor: The Jump + Dimension and Oni. All three look stylistically very nice. The latter convinces most with cuteness and his fantastic world that seems to travel as a small monster.

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_Ein first trailer can be seen here: _

What games you can expect from the studio itself remains to be seen. Hopefully, at least the fact that no one is less than Masami Yamamoto as a Game Production Manager in the company. This had previously been the same position at Sony when it went around PlayStation games. (Source: Kotaku)

What does that mean for the future of Anime Games?

So far, the licenses of various anime games at various publishers – one of the most active in the area is Bandai Namco. Jump Force, Dragon Ball Fighterz, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle and many more belong to the studio.

The fact that Shueisha belongs to the licenses of manga rows does not necessarily mean something. Whether Shueisha Bandai Namco is thus competing or may not be interested in games at existing anime and manga can not be said yet. So we stay curious.

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