The demo of The Fabulous Fear Machine will be available until April 15

The Fabulous Fear Machine , the next title of Fictiorama , has a demo available in Steam that can be enjoyed until April 15. This advance supposes the first contact with the title, which is part of the official selection of the London Games Festival. Along with the demo, the studio has also published an extensive preview that explains in detail its original premise.

In The Fabulous Fear Machine we are responsible for controlling a powerful machine capable of improving and expanding irrational beliefs and urban legends around the world. It is a strategy degree focused on the narrative, which is inspired by the Terror Comics Pulp to develop its visual section. “After following the tracks he has left for you his mysterious owner, you will give life to the new master of the machine. To achieve your goals, you must generate and expand fear through the creation and evolution of legends: horror stories, urban myths and conspiranian theories manufactured by the machine, which will rise in the darkest corners of the mind of the population », we read in The official synopsis. The title will allow us to aim at different brands and objectives, while we face mysterious rival organizations.

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Developed by Fictiorama Studios, the Mother’s Responsible team of DO NOT Feed The Monkeys, and published by AMC Games, the AMC Network Independent Games Division, The Fabulous Fear Machine has its launch scheduled for this same summer.

The Fabulous Fear Machine will arrive this summer at PC .

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