Aqua Story, Audiovisual Disorder Progress for Tactile Tactical Treatment

On May 15, WMADID play said that the social contribution events that are with their mobile SNG ‘Aqua Story’ users.

The social contribution event is an event for the tactile treatment of the rectangular diagnosis of the ridiculous vulnerability. Events take the goal of consuming content that is free of content that is free of charge within the game when the mobile SNG ‘Aqua Story’ user achieves a goal of consuming content generated in the game. This donation will be used for a year-to-seven disabilities to support a professional tactile treatment instructor for a professional tactile treatment instructor.

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The event held at the ‘Aqua Story’, will afford to incubate for a week to receive fish eggs, “Healing Heart”, and anyone will participate. The ‘Aqua Story’ presents all the users of this event and Poseidon Always, which can acquire 1,000 hearts and rare fish.

“Aqua Story” said, “Aqua Story,” said “Aqua Story,” said the “Aqua Story” is a mobile game that is active in social networking, and it is expected that this event will be shared to many people and expanded the meaning of social contribution. “

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