Lol: the perfect backdoor in Aram with bard that teaches us to close a game as it is due

Make a Backdoor in the Crack of the Summoner You can allow you to turn a map seemingly lost or even finish a game that is too long. In Aram, the utility is lower but above all the opportunities are not the same. With a single lane, it is difficult to cheat your opponents.

However, this is possible with League of Legends champions equipped with invisibility such as Evelynn or Akshan thanks to the active property of its W that allows you to camouflage indefinitely when it is close to elements of the terrain. This technique can work if they do not detect you, of course. But it is not with this kind of characters with whom our day’s player hit his play, but with Bard, one of the most curious supports and characters of the whole game.

A superbly well placed portal

This should not be seen as an isolated act, but as a true teamwork. While entertaining, he took care of all the enemy team, Bardo told him companions to join him to use an excellently located portal. It must be said that the minotaur lasted a long time thanks to the build so tank of it, leaving all the time necessary for teammates from it to launch the wandering guardian plan.

Thanks to the portal, the four players arrived directly at the opposite base, in front of a helplessness but above all without turrets. In addition to all this play, the Barde Aliable launched his R-malleable destination and manages to catch three of the five enemy players, avoiding them from stopping him. With two ADCs like Sivir and Caitlyn, the nexus melted like snow under the summer sun, and the game ended up in just over 18 minutes.

Some will find this inappropriate movement for Aram , since the goal is to play as much as possible. Sometimes, we can understand that some want to finish a departure that is prolonged (all have level 18 and are with the build, and fun sometimes is no longer there). We like it or not the bard’s decision and his team, we only have to applaud with the placement of the portal, which is not so obvious, but also the sacrifice of the enlargement.

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