Sledgehammer Games would be working on the Call of Duty of 2025

MWII Reveal SOON & Sledgehammer working on COD 2025
Six months have just spent six months since the launch of _ Call of Duty: Vanguard , but it seems that its developers, Sledgehammer Games, are already working on their next great game. And according to a new report by a reliable _insider, the delivery of 2025 will be in charge of this study and Activision already gave it green light to the project.

Tom Henderson, Who has previously been very circuitous with its leaks of Call of Duty and Battlefield, mentions in a new report that Sledgehammer started working on the pre-production of the new title In this franchise, which is planned to debut at some point of 2025. This means that the team would have about four years to develop it, the same amount of time they had for WWII and Vanguard.

At the moment we do not know if Sledgehammer Games will return to the world wars , but considering that Vanguard did not meet the expectations of Activision , things could change within the study. However, the leaders of Sledgehammer previously mentioned that they would like to move forward with the history of Vanguard through multiple games.

Meanwhile, remember that this year we will have a new call of duty that has officially been confirmed as a sequel to Modern Warfare with Infinity Ward in its development. Here you can know your first official details, as well as those of the new Warzone .

Editor’s note: Maybe it’s still very early as to speculate, but under the Xbox mandate I thought things inside Activision would change much more. You will remember that time ago about the possibility that Call of Duty would leave annual deliveries, and although that sounds like something somewhat crazy, the truth is that it could also help you the franchise in some way.

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