Halo Infinite: The peak of players exceeded by the one of the Master Chief Collection on PC, here are the numbers

Halo Infinite was expected as the Messiah by the fans and his coming last December was particularly welcome: only here, a few months later, his popularity is running out of steam, to the point of being exceeded by a compilation.


The Master Chief Collection takes over the top

Steam is often a very good indicator of the popularity of games, even when they are multiplatform. Halo Infinite is no exception and if we know that the title attendance of 343 industries is in severe decline for some time now, We can notice that the FPS has just been exceeded by Lahalo The Master Chief Collection: The latter has made a peak of 9,212 players simultaneously, compared to 8,210 players for the latest opus. This one now statues The 119th place of the games most played right now on the valve platform.

Last February already, we showed you the sharp decline in Infinite Audience on Steam , which could be explained by two reasons: First of all, the fact that the game was delivered in the Xbox Game Pass and that its multiplayer is free allowed the release of the colossal figures, but not necessarily coming from fans or assiduous players. As a result, many people simply curious are then parties gradually after having tasted the US studio.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection Review

Then… There is also the lack of content.

A season 2 that is desired

This is also the big problem of HoLO infinite: it does not have enough to maintain its community. Forge mode or cooperation in solo mode, terribly expected, have been repealed: this first will arrive at Early April and this second still has no release date.

Finally, Season 2 which has also taken the tip of its nose just announced an exit date, set for May 3, 2022 (whose content is detailed at this address). It’s quite late, yes, but no doubt that it should probably revive the interest around the game and bring it together in rankings, Steam like Xbox. 343 Industries even comes to exhausting a new development studio to ensure a stronger and steady follow-up.


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