7 free mobile video games and trends to do on Android

Because free games, it’s still nice, you are offered this selection of seven games very popular to do on Android.

Alto’s Odyssey

Endless Runner Montagnous, Alto’s Odyssey offers crumpled descents in snowboard along snowy mountains for the goal of catching up your lost lamas. The player crosses a variety of scenery including villages, ruins, forests. Obviously, you will have to progress while taking care to avoid pitfalls on your way. The grip is simple: tap your screen and your character will start directly into the air to make figures. Your score then depends on the number of lamas that you recover, pieces you collect and figures you chained. At his release, we noted the game 17/20: “alto’s adventure offers a real moment of appeasement on smartphone and literally transports you to his universe. Careful in his realization, simple in his use, you have to take it as a trip relaxing that we like to do and redo for its atmosphere and few challenges.

SKY: Children of the Light

Developed by ThatgameCompany to whom we already have to Daily and Flower, Sky: Children of the Light proposes you to embody children of light, to spread hope through a sorry kingdom. It will be necessary to recover lost stars and bring them back to their constellations by exploring seven dreamlike kingdoms and their secrets. The glossy experience is resolutely focused on social interactions between players. You will indeed cross dozens of other players during your explorations and communicate with them to the means of small melodies, emotions, gifts, even more direct dialogues. At the time, we noted the game 16/20: “Plus profound that it seems and yet devilishly intuitive, he takes us with him with a relaxing journey where the discovery of mysteries and the exchanges with strangers will be the most beautiful of your motivations.


You probably noticed it now, Wordle Carton on social networks, especially on Twitter. The principle is as follows: a daily word is to guess. The title immediately inspired a French version, Sutom, which allows you to play with words of our dictionary on an interface that naturally reminds Motus. You have in a time of six chances of offering the correct word, the game indicating the letters of the proposed word that are good but badly placed and in green those that are in the right place. The concept is as simple as addictive and will only take care of a handful of seconds if the weather is missing to play.

My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Revenge

Spin-off free-to-play title My Friend Pedro, Ripe for Revenge is an action game consisting of 37 levels that proposes to alternate between platform phases, 2D shoots, and phases in vehicles on board a motorcycle or a skateboard. The title puts you in the skin of the friend of Pedro in a race against the watch. The latter is left for death while his children as well as his wife have been abducted. You must then help him take his revenge. From then on, you will have as a mission to serve you your environment to overcome your enemies and find the family of Pedro Healthy and saves. Players must combine “agility and creativity” through courses without any death. The gaming system is based on the jump to help you move through the different levels.


League of Legends, Wild Rift simply transposes the LOL experience on mobile. The principle remains here the same: two teams of 5 players compete on a card composed of 3 channels and a jungle. The participants have the mission to exterminate the opposing defensive towers, paving the way towards the Nexus which once destroyed, offers the victory. The duration of the parts is about fifteen minutes, so ideal for a moving session. The experience was very successful as soon as it exit in 2020, why we attributed to him the score of 18/20: “plus accessible, shorter and less frustrating, the games of this mobile version will be able to represent a perfect compromise For players who have dropped from lol and his grueling parts, or for those left on the key by his demanding prerequisites.


Difficult to talk mobile games without evoking the Free-to-Play GESHIN Impact action, developed by Mihoyo, and whose popularity is no longer to demonstrate. At the base, it’s almost 300 people and $ 100 million that have been invested in this ambitious project. The story takes place in the world of Teyvat, corrupted by humans after they have received the civilization as a gift from the gods. A game that knows how to make up regular updates and we had noted 17/20 a year after his exit: “genshin impact is, a year later, a key 1. Very (very!) Generous in content, with sublime graphics and an incredible staging, the Mihoyo RPG-Gacha has overcome our priorities to become a rare quality game, regardless of the platform you are changing.

Crash Bandicoot: On The Run!

Runner in Free-To-Play On Mobile in the Bandicoot Universe, Crash Bandicoot: On The Run! You invite you to face bosses already crossed in the episodes of the saga on consoles, to craw your own weapons to defeat them, and even to create your own character. 50 BOSS (Scorporilla, Nitrus Brio, Nina Cortex, Dingodile…) and twelve places (Turtle Woods, Lost City, Temple Ruins…) Are on the program, with the promise of a hundred hours of play. He Should run, drag, jump and destroy crates at the orders of the emblematic characters of the license to complete the different levels. Creating Activision and King Available since 2021 on the App Store and Google Play generated more than half a million dollars on the first week of operation.


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