[Video] When is the game company that focuses on blockchain, when is the game fun?

We are focusing on competencies in game business that utilizes block chain technology in Korea’s major game history.

WMADID is a WMIS, Com2us Holdings, C2X, Neowizu, informed the game business that is a block chain that is a block chain, In particular, the WMADI is a plan to keep the arms of the Ecosystem and token economy to activate the token economy.

Com2us has entered into a real-time strategy game ‘Summer Nourn: a hundred years through C2X and entered the P2E game field. As long as existing Sumnerswa has achieved a performance in the global market, it is noteworthy that a hundred years of war using that IP will continue to continue this.

Netmarble is a block chain game A3: Launches Stilulive Global, followed by Golden Bros and Marvel of Golden Bros and All: Metropolitan World ‘.

Craftone also announced through the General Assembly of WEB 3.0 / NFT and securing sustainable growth engines and competitiveness.

Blockchain Games Are Here - What You Should Know
The response to the business reinforcement of the game’s block chain is being staggered. One side expresses expectations that we will have a new level of revenue and focus on global entry. The opposite side focuses too much for the core of the game, so it is too focused on profit, and it would be difficult to accept this positively in the market.

In particular, the new content-centric overseas game has been achieved without a block chain, and the directional selection of the game company will have a lot of effect on the future earnings.

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