Beautiful dot picture RPG “Chained Echoes” from September to December. Good old 16bit style fantasy world, sometimes I went back to me

DECK13 announced on April 22nd picture RPG Chained Echoes ” from September to December 2022. The corresponding platform is PC / MAC / Linux (STeam) and Overseas PS4 / Xbox One / Nintendo Switch. According to the STEAM store page, this work corresponds to the Japanese language display.

“Chained Echoes” is a story-driven RPG. The chief of the protagonist travels a vast Valandis continent and aims to end the war continuing between the three kingdoms. On the way of traveling, it seems to have a vast environment, scenic plateau, exotic islands, and deeper cities and forgotten dungeons, etc. appear. As a volume of the main story, it is expected that a play time of about 40 to 50 hours is expected. There are many items available and have something to get as a booty, which can be crafted, and even stealing.

The battle is seamlessly connected and seamlessly connected, and by approaching the enemy on the map, the battle is started without the scene switched. Friends can use a variety of techniques. Some of them are introduced in the trailer. For example, ROBB dealing with a bow arrow can be pouison shot that infected enemies and POWER SHOT that beats high damage. Victor, which can handle musical instruments, can use Poetic March, which causes Earth Drums to be damaged with the power of the earth, and the point required for technical use. Let’s fight while building a strategy by making full use of the skills of each companion.

Chained Echoes First Impression

Also, in this work, it is also characterized by the player who can board the player. Meck is a huge armor-like mechanical suit. In addition to making high strength in battle, changing the color palette on the customization screen, the video that is customized to meke your style is also a cylinder. Also, it seems that it is possible to fly with me and search for fields freely.

There is also a REWARD BOARD element in this work. Missions are lined up with the eyes of the wolf, for example, it is possible to earn rewards such as items by achieving the goal such as “searching for many areas” “defeating a specified number of enemies”. And in this work, you can manipulate your own airship. World map can be moved vertically and especially. Airship seems to be able to customize the player’s preference.

This work is funded by KickStarter in the past, and more than 4000 people are backer. It was successful to collect approximately 130,000 euros (about 18 million yen). As the development period, more than 5 years have been spent, and I would like to expect to be a stickered work.

“Chained Echoes” will be released from September to December, PC / Mac / Linux (STeam) and PS4 / Xbox One / Nintendo Switch. It is unclear for the domestic development schedule of console version.

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