Clash Royale: A new cure case? This is the letter that nobody uses in his decks

Clash Royale has at this time a total of 107 different cards . Although not all are available at the beginning of the game, and it is necessary to get climbing sands to get the chance to unlock them, the truth is that such a number of units, spells and structures make there better than others. Of course we have archetypes that seek to operate each of these cards, but there are some that are practically nor used.

That is the case of barbarians , a generation structure of cost units 7 belonging to sand 3, one of the first to unlock. But despite being available for the vast majority of players, you probably do not remember the last time in which you played it against you. That’s because nobody uses it.

What is the barbarian hut?

As we can see on the Web Statsroyale, The barbarbar hut is the less used letter of the game with 0.1% of items in which it appears and a 0% of victories, but until not so much there was 0.0% of presence by not even reaching the minimum threshold to use your statistics.

Why does not anyone use it?

We are facing a structure that lasts almost a minute and that has a potential of 10 barbarians, which in Elixir is equivalent to 10 points. A priori is a defensive option that mortgage your current elixir for the future, a mechanics that make use of all these units generation structures. But the reality is that it is a letter considered useless and that nobody carries in its deck.

This is because it leaves you without aerial defenses, you need a ferrine defense to be efficient and can be destroyed with spells like lightning. As if this were not enough, the barbarians are units that have been outdated against the new cards with more functions and strengths.


A new case healing?

Just two years ago, the first elimination of a letter in Clash Royale occurred. We are talking about the healing , a spell that healed our units in an area, and that it just had similar numbers to those who have the barbarian hut today. It was eliminated from the game by replacing it by the Healer Spirit . The question is obvious: Can Supercell eliminate or replace it on the other?

Only they have the answer to that question, but we ventured to say no. The barbarian hut has a much simpler balance option that can make it viable. In a metajame as fast as we have in Clash Royale in these times, maybe it would be enough to reduce the cost and with it the amount of barbarians released.

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