NBA – Brooklyn Nets also lose third game against Boston: Kevin Durant thinks too much

The Brooklyn Nets stand after the defeat in game 3 against Boston with his back to the wall. Once again, the 103: 109 defeat, especially Kevin Durant left a mysterious impression. The superstar was self-critical afterwards.

Durant just scored 16 points and remained completely ineffective in the second half, as in the previous match. The 33-year-old puts on the series only 22 points on average with Miserable Quote (36.5 percent) and has visibly struggling with the strong defense bostons.

“I thought too much, the whole series already to be honest,” Durant gave to the game. In the first two games he tried to force it too much, in Game 3, he had now been busy to find the balance between scoring and fit.

“In every team, you are constantly trying to find the best way you have to play,” explained the two Finals-MVP. “I want to be the best version of myself and do not stand my team mate in the way. Sometimes I think too much about it. Sometimes I just have to go out, not think and play at all.”

More than the throw problems Durants dread the Nets with their mistakes and their ball losses, even Head Coach Steve Nash exhibited this problem. Brooklyn has done over three games 48 Turnover, Durant had twelve of it. Veteran Blake Griffin said after game 3, the team played “not with the right spirit”.

Kyrie Irving wants to “dress bulletproof vest”

Kyrie Irving showed, however, after the game, understanding the problems of his star colleague and realized that he also had such games. “It’s not the time to point with your finger,” Irving explained. “We just have to go back home and attract our bulletproof vest.”

Kevin Durant's ice cold fourth quarter pushes Nets to 0-2 deficit vs. Celtics | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Irving also stressed what he believes the advantage of Celtics in the previous series. Boston had already found himself against Christmas as a team, the Nets just not. “I do not want to try any clichés, but I do not know how to catch up the lost time from October so far,” Irving said.

The 30-year-old had missed great parts of the Regular Season, as he did not want to vaccinate against the coronavirus and long for a long time it was forbidden to participate in home games as unclear.

(2) Boston Celtics vs. (7) Brooklyn Nets (3-0)

Game Date Time Home Away result
1 17. April 21.30 Boston Celtics Brooklyn Nets 115: 114

2 | 21. April | 1 o’clock | Boston Celtics | Brooklyn Nets | 114: 107
3 | 24. April | 1.30 a.m. | Brooklyn Nets | Boston Celtics | 103: 109
4 | 26. April | 1 o’clock | Brooklyn Nets | Boston Celtics | –
5*| 28. April | TBD | Boston Celtics | Brooklyn Nets | –
6 * | 30. April | TBD | Brooklyn Nets | Boston Celtics | –
7 * | 1. May | TBD | Boston Celtics | Brooklyn Nets | –

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