Need for Speed 2022s leak reveals the first screenshot and map

A new necessity of speed leak has emerged online from a prominent necessity of speed privileged and filter information, and if necessary, both the map and the first screen capture of the new necessity of speed is expected that the Game is launch this year. In the summer of 2020, EA and the developer Criterion confirmed a new necessity of speed the game was in development. Since then, we have not only seen anything about the game, but we have not heard anything about the game. This has not changed, but we have the new filtration mentioned above.

As expected, the filtered screen capture is not high quality, as this type of leakage is usually. Meanwhile, in addition to the screenshot, there is an image that shows the full game map and another that shows the game user interface. Next, you can check the leak by yourself, courtesy of Reddit:

Map, screenshot and user interface of NFS 2022 filtered by a notorious member of NFS, YNK, on the Kuru server from
Speed Need

At the moment, none of this has been validated in any way. The user interface and the images on the map, in particular, seem to pass the detection test, but the screenshot is a bit more doubtful. Whatever the case, if this filtration generates some type of EA, criterion comment or any other expert or industry filtering, we will make sure to update the story accordingly.

NEED FOR SPEED 2022 LEAKS - Map, Screenshot & Gameplay

As you will know, the new game Need for Speed has been subject to some rumors recently, including rumors that will be only for PC and the current generation, that is, PS4 and Xbox One will jump. Meanwhile, other rumors have Suggested that it is set in Miami and will have a similar style to anime.

As always, feel free to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section or, alternatively, contact me on Twitter. @Tyler_fischer_ and let me out there. What do you think about this new necessity of speed leak? Is it legitimate or simply an impressive falsification? Meanwhile, for more coverage especially related to Need for Speed, including everything related to the latest official news and the latest unofficial rumors, click here.

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