Apple tries to delete an application without updating for more than two years from the store. If there is no update, it will disappear

Apple seem to be strict of the deletion process for apps that do not have updates in the App Store. It seems that an application or game has not been updated for more than two years. Overseas Media THE VERGE is reported.

Apple has announced that in 2016, a process of deleting an old app from sales page. At the same time, Apple’s app developer site has explained that “APP not compliant with APP and the latest examination guidelines that no longer work” has been described as “deleting old APP”.

This policy seems to be more strict. From the other day, multiple app developers report on Twitter that the deletion notification has been received or has been deleted from the sales page. Protopop Games Robert Kabwe is one of them. It seems that the notice has arrived from Apple for the free game “Motivoto” that has not been updated for over 2 years.

“This app has not been updated for a long time and deleted from sales page within 30 days” for email issued with the App Store improvement notification. If the update is not done within 30 days, the applicable app seems to be deleted from the sales page. That is that a new user can not find and download the applicable app. In addition, it is possible to continue to use the app for users who have already downloaded the applicable app.

Robert Kabwe is in the tweet and has a complaint about the action of this Apple. Console version games released for the App Store independent of the 2000 release. In other words, other stores would like to say that these are not deleted. Apple’s deletion process shall be an unfair failure for indie developers.

He’s a replication to his tweets received a deletion notification, or the developers who have deleted the app from the sales page. Bobby Wolfe also reported that the app that did not update for two years has been deleted. The app was working on all devices, and it was supposed to be downloaded. According to His, for developers, it is difficult to interrupt the current project and prepare an old work update only to continue sales in the store. In fact, the actual situation can also be confirmed from other reply. SIMEN Øian Gjermundsen has had no time to prepare updates during last month, so it is said that a fully functioning child game app has been deleted.

Besides, there are voices of developers who lament deletion notices. Mr. Emilia Lazer-Walker is also one of the received notifications from Apple. She claims that she is tweeting, “The game should be present as a completed work”. She is difficult to carry out ongoing updates and live services, and it is an artwork completed in the first place.

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This Apple’s policy has the aim of “To make the user easy to find a high-quality APP that matches your needs”. In fact, applications and games that do not support high resolution devices such as iPad AIR are distributed on the App Store. It would be an idea to delete old ones that are not updated so that excellent apps are not buried in accordance with the latest specifications.

However, it is not overwhelmed that the app that has been completely functioning for developers was completely functional. Short expiration setting of 30 days seems not to conform to the facts of application development. Is it that the delete process be considered by the voice of the developer? I would like to pay attention to future trends.

In addition, Google Play announces the same policy this month. You are asking all existing apps in the Google Play store to update APIs within two years from the latest major release. This policy is that software available from the store is to ensure that Android’s latest privacy and security features can be used. Although the deadline is until November 1, 2022, extension of six months is also possible to apply.

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