[E Sports Trends] Skilled Shaking LOL National Team

nationaltory is a series of corners that can collect important news in the e -sports industry last week. In addition to the news of the entire e -sports industry in Korea and abroad, we introduce various information and stories such as domestic e -sports -related events and policies, issues of the fan community, and news of each game team. In addition, we will also inform the domestic and overseas e -sports competition scheduled this week.

■ News news of e -sports at home and abroad

◎ ‘squeak’ Asian Games League of Legends team
-2022 Hangzhou Asian Games League of Legends national teams continue to shake. There is no positive news from the news.

On the 14th, ten national preliminary lists were announced, and they headed to Gwangju e -sports stadium under the guidance of the Korea e -Sports Association. It was to hold a convocation training and national team evaluation. But from the start, fans’ public opinion was not good. Not only the preliminary list selection, but also before the evaluation and the use of Gwangju e -sports stadiums, news that was difficult to understand from the fans.

In the meantime, due to various circumstances, the national team evaluation was delayed, and the national team players returned from Gwangju on the 20th. The Korea e -Sports Association also published official entrance statements to keep up with the trembling public opinion.

However, public opinion has worsened, and Kim Jong -kyun’s national supervisory responsibility has emerged. Kim Jong -kyun held a press conference to criticize the Asian Games schedule and selection method. Soon after, Kim Jong -kyun delivered his intention to resign the national team manager to the Korea e -Sports Association.

◎ China winning team, MSI online participation
\ -As the party’s control continued due to 19 trend in Corona in China, LPL said in an official announcement, “We will attend online because the winning team cannot face Busan where MSI is held.” The LPL team will participate in the tournament at the hostel or Shanghai Stadium in accordance with the Regulations of Regional Health and Infectious Diseases. In addition, for fair competition, the team’s delay will be played at 35ms. This is also used in the MSI in 2020.

◎ Kim Hyun -sook’s leisure candidate, past remarks because of media reports?
-Kim Hyun-sook, the Minister of Family Affairs, explained her past game-related remarks. At the time of the National Assembly in 2013, Kim said, “If we look at our youth who are addicted to the game, they can’t control their emotions and cause lack of sleep or depression, but they lead to criminal acts such as violence or murder.” I was scolded by game fans. She is showing her step back in her remarks. In addition to Yoo Jung -joo, Democratic Party lawmakers pointed out that “turning the remarks at the time is beyond the disappointment and doubts about the qualifications as a minister candidate.”

◎ President Macron France, “I hope to add e -sports to the 2024 Paris Olympics”
\ -French president Macron said he wanted to include esports in the 2024 Olympics. In an interview with the French media, President Macron mentioned the game industry and esports, saying, “I will make France a representative country of video games.” He said he would like to create a link between sports and esports for the big competitions of League of Legends, CS: Go, and Dota 2. Some criticized Macron ahead of the French presidential election this year.

■ This week’s e -sports schedule

27th (Wed): 2022 Cartrider League Season 1 Playoff
30th (Sat): 2022 Cartrider League Season 1 solo finals

\ -Candon Prix won the final ticket for the finals as expected. Axelz’s rebellion was finished with the victory of the Live Sandbox. Only three are left. Eternal Blaze and Live Sandbox are aiming for the remaining finals in the playoffs. The team that has won here clashes with the final championship with Guangdong Prix. The final match will be held on May 7. On the other hand, on the 30th, the solo finals will be held.

25th (Mon): 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games FIFA Online 4 National Team Line
26th (Tuesday): 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games FIFA Online 4 National Team League Power Planning
27th (Wed): 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games FIFA Online 4 national team election
28th (Thu): 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games FIFA Online 4 national team election
29th (Fri): 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games FIFA Online 4 national team election
30th (Sat): 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games FIFA Online 4 national team election
Day 1 (Sun): 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games FIFA Online 4 National Representatives

\ -The national team selection will be selected until May 1, which will select FIFA Online 4 players who have been qualified for the national team in the Hangzhou Asian Games. The game will be played throughout the week and the national team will be selected on the last day, May 1. Shin Bo -seok was appointed as the national team manager.

25th (Mon): 2022 GSL Code S Round of 6
28th (Thu): 2022 GSL Code S Semi Lecture

\ -GSL 10 matches have been completed, and now the semi-finals and semi-finals are now played. In the sixth round, Lee Byung -ryul, Jang Hyun -woo, Shin Hee -bum and Park Soo -ho play first. Two of them confront Cho Sung -ho and Park Ryeong -woo, who are in the semifinals.

29th (Fri): PCS6 Asia, 2022 PMPS Spring
30 days (Sat): PCS6 Asia, 2022 PMPS Spring
Day 1 (Sun): PCS6 Asia

\ -PCS6’s Asian region is held. In Korea, Zenji, Guangdong Prix, Danawa esports, Gibli esports, Maru Gaming, and Veronica 7 will participate. In addition, eight teams in China and one team will be held in Japan and China. Every day they are scheduled, they play five games, Eran Gel and Mirama Map three times and twice.

■ E Sports Sources

** ◎ Champion T1, LCK team won
\ – 2022 LCK T1, which won the Win, the LCK team turned the championship. Some of the teams who received the bread have been capable of raising certification shots through official SNS and supported T1 2022 MSI.

◎ Yasu X Puma Lifestyle Collection Stock
\ – The lifestyle collection that Jenge and Puma were jointly re-entering. This collection is made up of hoodies, t-shirts, backets, and waist bags, such as items that can be utilized in everyday life, and Puma’s Catrogo and Gender Graphics, and the tiger graphics of Yes. A total of eight products are available, and purchases are possible through Puma Online Store.

What Happened To The All Female League of Legends Team?

◎ Pressing Daily Fresh Manager Role
\ – The Pretit Brion has come to the daily Fresh manager. They delivered the goods directly to the selected personnel through the lottery of the personnel who ordered ‘Brion Picnic Snacks’. For events, Frieddabrion players went to meet fans who purchased goods in a Fresh manager dress. Team official SNS has been uploaded by a picture of the athletes in front of the shipping departure.

◎ Guangdong Prix X Seoul, LOL Team Prospect Selection Conference
\ – Guangdong Prix held a contest to select the LOL team trainee with Seoul. I have been applied for participation from the last 20th, and I will announce the team on the 28th, and on May 3, the on / offline contest. Guangdong Fricks Coach is directly watching this competition and proceeds with scouts. Finals are going to be offline from the Sangam Colosseum and will be broadcasted on African TV.

◎ Circle Kia, ‘Raccoon’ Return Memorial Uniform Event
\ – Beginning the uniform event in the team to commemorate the return of the ‘Raccoon’ on the Circle Kia. Two events are in progress in SNS and Goodshot. One is related to the SNS activity of Kia, and as a product, the “Raccoon” stamping 2022 cemetery Kia Jersey, ‘Raccoon’ is a 2022 catering article official Jersey, ‘Raccoon’ is a Polaroid picture. In addition, when purchasing a “raccoon” marking official uniform in the Circle Kia Goodsshop, the “Raccoon” stamped free events have been provided.

◎ Nongshim Red Force and Rib Sandbox, Online Goods Shop Related News
\ – The rib sandbox has started off the uniform season off the uniforms from the 22nd. Up to 50% of sales are applied and limited quantity photocault is presented. Official uniforms are 40%, and the official woven jacket is 50% discount. In addition, Nongshim Red Force has added keystraps and phone cases with the nickname of the players to the official Goodsshop.

■ Health care news

◎ Dankook University Graduate School, E-Sports Department Shin, Invaluating Student Recruitment
\ – A Dankook University graduate school, which has established an e-sports department established for the first General Graduate School, conducts a recruitment of the recruitment of the secondary graduate school and recruitment. The reception period is from April 22 to May 2, and the interview will be held on May 21. Graduate students can choose to select one of the graduation, athleticism, a scholarship, and a manager student degree in the manager. Dankook University Graduate School e Sports department is achievement aimed at fused professional talent cultivation, which responds to the rapidly growing e-sports industry through e-sports situ and research capabilities.

◎ Yes LOL Academy Team, New Player Recruitment
\ – From the LOL Academy team to recruit a player new. The recruitment period is from the last 22 to the completion of the player’s selection. All positions are recruited and no age limit, there is no diameter 1 tier, and there should be no reasons for disqualification such as past LOL surrogate games and game utilization restrictions. Documents are notified individually for the success and interviewing, online / offline testing and interviewing.

◎ Rib sandbox, scout and game end genuine recruitment
\ – The scouting team of the rib sandbox is recruiting scouts. Scouts do businesses to watch the League Obreval Main Conference and Solo Rank and create a scouting report. Submitting a free form of resumes and career technologies, and portfolios will be individually contacted by the compatibility of the document. Thereafter, it is passed through a practical interview and executive interview. In addition, the game end of the game is also recruiting. Manage up to 60 lunches and dinner, and changes the schedule in fluid change according to the athletic schedule.

◎ Yes, Marketing Project Manager Recruitment
\ – Zen is a marketing project manager. It is the main task to lead Web3.0 and cryptographic-based projects, and to identify plans, schedules, scopes, estimates and project implementation plans from the fulfillment definition. Applicants must essential to prepare the portfolio of the previous workpiece, and requires a minimum of five-year marketing career. In addition, Zen is a marketing creative manager and a marketing graphics manager, and summer program instructors, and the various stuns.

◎ Recruitment announcement such as cemetery, web designer
\ – Wrong Holena is a web designer and new manager, content business PM is being recruited. Web designers work with web page operations related design and SNS posters. The manager takes into account the work of athletic management, league-on-site operational support, and content business PM conducts digital content business practices and project results measurement and analysis. As you are interested in LOL as well as a variety of e-sports games, it is advantageous. Reception is possible through email, and applicants essentially the resume and self-introduction letters must optionally submit the portfolio.

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