[Planning] Arguments? Is it a hall? Where is ubiva?

The strong franchise has a strong franchise in Jenny Max. I left Microsoft (MS), and now, And on the ranking of sales, it is always the name of the top to the top of the Activision Blizzard. Is the game company that is leading to the 2020s, the next target is the target ubiquity?

_ Bloomberg _ reported that several private fund companies are working on the argument of sources that require anonymity of anonymity on the 23rd on the 23rd. As a source article, it is difficult to discuss how much of a company that can acquire a huge company that can acquire a huge company such as ubiquitous, from doubt about the correct content. In the sense, it is also a way to keep the company’s waving in the purpose of the acquisition purpose itself.

However, if you look at Ubi Soft’s situation, and the company’s response, it is difficult to do not transfer the management rights. That’s why ubiquity’s reality and industry flows are changing. What is the situation that the management rights of the Brothers, who have established ubiquites have been moved?

Where are you interested in the acquisition? MS? Sony?

Beyond the Xbox, the MS and the MS, such as PC and Metabus, to build a larger-scale game ecosystem, and the number of games with a large number of games with a large number of games with a large number of games with AAA development power, is. Microsoft had a number of games, including the Blue Point Games, House Mqua, and Injaniak Games, including the Blue Point Games, House Mquee, and Injania County Games, including the Xbox Games Pass. The possibilities of these acquisitions will be explained later.

Once, the company reported that it is interested in ubiquitous acquisition this time is Black Stone and KKR. Will you first listen to games? yes. The law that I could not hear is a professional investment company, not a game company. They want to put ubivity ‘s management rights in hand with the concept of private funds that gather and operate investors’ money.

You can think of why investors are going to have a game management rights. They can see that they will see greater gains through the Biaout Fund. In other words, it is a strategy to reduce corporate value through M & A or restructuring after the acquisition of the company that is lower than expected.

If you often this gamer often this gamer, you might have heard the name of Black St1. Blackstone is one of the largest asset operations among private fund operations. It is a story that the calculations were made that there was no problem, so if the ubi soft is more than the ubi soft, it was possible to increase the value of corporate value.

Is it Ubi Soft to be undervalued?

It will be the meaning that the corporate value was lower than the capacity of the corporate value, rather than undervalued. Ubesoft is one of the companies that have a pleasure of many negative parts of the company within the company.

First, there was organizational sexuality and sexual assault, and there was an internal accusation through an anonymous accusation system, but the context of the company was trying to conceal this through the French press. In 2021, the French union filed a lawsuit against the executives for institutional sexual harassment culture promotion. I have a responsible for their responsibilities, including the representatives of Eve.

In particular, sexual harassment culture is clear that the user will be criticized as well as the criticism of the companies, but in contrast to the company that increases the possibility of trading the company value than the competence. In fact, MS’s Phil Spencer knew the antivision of Blizzard’s Bobby Cotton CEO, but he knew the in-house sexuality and harassment culture, but he did not report this to the Board of the Wall Street Journal, and after the report of the Wall Street Journal.

However, Phil Spencer representatives and Barbie cottages have been shown to discuss MS’s Activision Blizzard acquisitions after 3 days of the report. Phil Spencer suggested a call with MS Sati Della CEO, and Barbie cottages reported this to the board of directors and has been informed by a full-fledged acquisition.

Wall Street Journal’s report on November 16th. And the discussion started November 19th. This is a fact that the US Securities Trade Commission, the US Securities Trade Commission, the FORM DEFM14, which is the final delegation statement associated with the merger of the Activision Blizzard, is known. Although he talked about the company’s prospects, it is possible to analyze that the situation is lower than the original value due to controversy over sexuality. And this is similar to Ubi Soft.

Assassin Crydries, a large IP such as Park Li, do not think that the company will not shake?

It is a bigger problem that only the IPs that seemed to be solid. Obviously, Ubi Soft has a popular IP and its sales volume is also excellent, but the company’s sales are greatly shaken according to its IP new performance.

In fact, the Assassin’s Creed, which has raised the most of the franchises, the Apassin’s Creed, and the next-generation console version, and the fiscal year recorded by the next-generation console version. On the other hand, the net contribution was decreased by 16% until the third quarter of 22 years after the issue of issuing a new wave of the new wave that is lower than the Assassin’s Cry.

The main title release is similar to the activity blizzard, which is considered to record the sudden rise in sales, and the EA is similar to the Activision Blizzard. However, they are different that they have sustainable sales.

Blizzard is a place where the operating margin is relatively well maintained, and the operating margin of the F2P Battle Royal Performance was high for a steady and well-equipped king, and Wozu. EA has a successful performance that the FIFA Ultimate team accounts for about 30% of net income.

Of course, Ubi Soft also used these sales pluralization. F2P Mite and Magic has not been able to have a clear performance and the hyperseclav that he wanted to take the battle Royal Game Pie is also ahead of the termination of the service without leaving a bigger impression. NFT, which was an ambitiously prepared NFT, did not show as much trading volume.

The bigger problem is the OP margin. Ubioft is a high profitability of high sales compared to previous companies, but the OP margin is a level that is not 10%.

It is also a stumbling block that I could not find innovation in the excessive repetition of franchise. It’s a CD project that is often compared to ubivity. Although there was a criticism of Cyber Punk 2077, the representative of the CD project was a 7-year release, but it is still sold, but it is a game that accounts for high sales proportion in the company. On the other hand, Ubi Soft’s game, which is similar, is not. The CD project is once, as long as it is permanent to Europe’s highest time,

The identity and financial uncertainty of these companies is the reason why local analysts are being declining for Ubi Soft, which increases the possibility of acquisition.

Is not the future of the future, but is not the investment group to attract the company’s value after the acquisition?

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Now that the evaluation is overlapped, Ubi Soft is a game of a game that is validated during the game list on the argument list, and is a game company with sufficient development. The number of employees indicated by the name of the acquisition related to the acquisition is more than 20,000. This is a number of more than 10,000 Activision Blizzard, more than EA. Will be doubled, and a lot of sales are more than four times the difference between companies and are more developer than companies. It is also high operating costs used as research and development costs. These research and development costs and management costs are low operating profit.

Publisching and many development studios, and IP has a power that has the power to make a name to the top of the sales at any time.

Although Bloomberg reported the Bloomberg’s central Baauout fund, Ubi Soft, which can be exerted at any time, is the target of various game industry M & A. The acquisition allows you to increase the market share of the new game market, and the possibility of acquisition of a transnational enterprise that is to enter a new game market.

The 25th day of acquisition was more than 11%, so Ubi Soft share prices have risen. Still, compared to 2018, it is 1/3 level. So, it’s also because it comes to the opinion that it is the result of the fact that the corporate value is lowered in a variety of bad news.

There was an atmosphere to be able to get the game of the game. As mentioned earlier, there are many games that many games are possible to have a billions of dollars of transactions, and billions of dollars of dollars in the game market growth. In addition, Microsoft decided to take $ 68.7 billion in Activision Blizzard acquisitions, and about 82 trillion won as Hanhwa. Ubi Soft’s market capitalization of 4.7 billion euros are cute.

But do you think ubivity representative is your company?

EA and sliced. The two companies have attempted Ubisoft hostile takeovers in the past. Bidie aimed at the hostile M & As for quite some time, starting with securing a stake in game loft to pioneer the game business. Ubisoft has announced that it will do all efforts to maintain its independence, and has secured allied forces and protects management rights. At the time of EA’s hostile merger attempts, Eve Ki Ye -mo expressed his intention to decline.

However, this tough posture has been loose since Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard in 2022 and Sony’s acquisition of Bungee. In the 3Q earnings announcement in February 2022, CEO Eve Ki Ye -mo responded vaguely whether he had attempted acquisitions, but executives said they would have a proposal for acquisition, and he said he would review the acquisition for all stakeholders as well as the board of directors. I did it.

If you have enough suggestions, you will open the possibility of acquisition. However, we must look at the words we have added.

Eve Kiye Mo is a powerful franchise at the time, such as Assassin’s Creed, Pa Cry, and Just Dance. He also mentioned several titles such as Avatar: Frontier of Pandora, based on James Cameron’s film Avatar. He explained that more pipelines are in operation and the company has a game development talent.

And this was once again confirmed in the statement made after the Bloomberg report. Although not directly mentioned, we also expressed pride in the advanced services and technical competencies that were attempted before competing game companies such as NFT and blockchain.

Some believe that Ubisoft will not be easily responded before Ubisoft’s satisfactory transaction conditions, and on the other side, the other side did not exclude the situation of operating as an independent company.

What is the Ubisoft if it is acquired?

First of all, it is true that Ubisoft is receiving attention from many companies as an attractive sale. And if the acquisition is an investor, it is a picture that can be predicted by raising the ransom through the company’s constitution and improving the company’s constitution rather than long -term operation.

Sony and Microsoft will be the place where you can keep your eyes on Ubisoft.

Although the game division is responsible for the company’s core sales, the Sony Group has acquired the company in various sectors in 2021, including music, e -sports, TV program producers, and animation streaming service crancryol. As a result, it is a weak point that Orot cannot be useful for cash. However, Sony’s current assets in the end of 2021 reached 5.3 trillion yen (about 52 trillion won), so it is not impossible to take over the company’s value (EV) based on the Ubisoft market cap of 6 trillion won and consider the corporate value (EV)..

In fact, the fact that Sony reorganizes the PS Plus and enters the first party, and the Jim Ryan of Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) appears in the official podcast ** _ I have said that I am preparing for the acquisition. In addition to Ubisoft, there were also many articles that speculate Sony’s EA and take -to -take.

Microsoft has a different situation. In the rifle fight, the money is enough to fight with a cannon, but I am noticing by acquiring Activision Blizzard in Jenny Max Media. The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) said it will set more stringent standards for the acquisition of big tech companies, whether or not to violate the antitrust law. Microsoft is worried that this will not prevent the acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

However, Microsoft is not the No. 1 industry after acquisition of Activision Blizzard. In addition, we plan to insist on their acquisition soundness for the acquisition of larger companies other than games that were concerned about anti -dictatorship. In other words, according to Microsoft’s argument, the acquisition of Ubisoft scale is not a great way to shake the plate.

Another platform holder, Nintendo, has a good relationship with Ubisoft, but the possibility of acquiring companies seems to be low. Nintendo has usually embraced a subcontractor or third -party title developer who has introduced a lot of their platform titles. In particular, NEXT -level games and retro studios, overseas game companies, have been working with Nintendo for a long time to develop Louis Mansion and Metroid Prime. The most recent recent acquisition of SRD (SRD), which was acquired in February 2022, is a company that has already been a subsidiary since Nintendo Famicom.

Chinese capital can also jump before the acquisition. Tencent, in particular, built a relation to Ubisoft by dividing the stake in Ubisoft’s Ubisoft, who had been planning hostile acquisitions. However, there is a view of the Chinese authorities’ game prisoners and game companies.

Ubisoft has taken a boat with another game company with the acquisition. Or it is important to watch more about whether it will make 2022 a chance to rebound through development innovation.

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