Pokemon GO: Scientists make interesting discovery

Pokémon Go could make you more happier how a study has shown. Invested were 166 regions in 12 English-speaking countries in the world, which has appeared in the period as Pokémon Go. The result: At the time, Google searches returned to topics such as “depression” and the like.

The Surprising Science Behind the Word ‘Pokémon’

In a study in the magazine “Journal of Management Information Systems” it was investigated how exactly Pokémon Go could affect people with mental problems such as depression: Pokémon Go is a mobile game that your actively abandon your apartment and Go for a walk must catch more Pokémon. When the game appeared in 2016, Hype was such great that one mets on the street Pokémon Go players.

_How new Pokémon is actually? _

Does Pokémon Go really happier?

To say it right away: The Pokémon Go study is No clear proof for an as well as the effect of Pokémon Go on the players – but the result is still not very far fetched. In summary, the study found that Google searches for depression and associated with mental problems have declined after Pokémon Go 2016 appeared. This was only related to the release period and on those regions in which Pokémon was played massively.

It should be noted that there is no evidence for a connection between the search queries and the Pokémon Go players: so theoretically could only be coincidence or lying on something else. The fact is, despite everything that Pokémon Go brings the players to leave the house and longer walks to do: those who had hardly had to go on the move before, or so have a positive effect on the mood, Movement, Pure “outdoors” and nature proved to be satisfied.

Pokémon Go is certainly not great help with serious diseases such as depression, which does not mean that it is not supporting for more satisfaction . And if your Pokémon Go could not win anything, then just go for a walk without mobile: that does not matter to what kind of life.

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