Ubisoft: The creators of Assassins Creed interests investors, a puzzling redemption?

Will the French publisher Ubisoft be at the heart of the next big redemption in the video game industry? The question arises since this weekend and the publication of articles on the other side of the Atlantic. Indeed, the creators of Assassin’s Creed, Cretin rabbits, from Rainbow Six or Far Cry would be of interest to many investment companies.


Waiting for the publication of the financial results of Ubisoft for the fiscal year 2021-2022 , the company founded by the Guillemot brothers and led by Yves Guillemot makes it talk about it through sources that addressed in Kotaku and Bloomberg, about potential investments.

large financial groups are interested in Ubisoft

According to these sources, who expressed themselves with Kotaku and Bloomberg, several investment funds, including Blackstone Inc. and KKR & Co , are interested in the publisher and study the possibility of proceed to a redemption . The investment funds are just starting their work on the subject, and it is only a possible path ** among others.

So there is therefore no discussion between the publisher and these funds for the moment, and, therefore, no offer has been formulated. But for Kotaku, there is no smoke without fire, and the fact that Ubisoft makes regular audits of its activities can mean a wish of to order to begin Discussions with a possible buyer. Contacted, Ubisoft has declined any comments ** and highlights its strike strength:

We do not comment on rumors or speculation. Ubisoft has unparalleled creative and production capabilities, with more than 20,000 talented people who collaborate in game development in our global studios. Thanks to them, our long-term approach and our desire to take creative risks, we have built some of the strongest licenses in the sector and we have many promising projects on the horizon.

We also have one of the largest and most diverse portfolios in advanced sector, services and technologies, as well as an important and growing community of engaged players. Therefore, we are ideally positioned to take advantage of the rapid growth of the sector and the opportunities of platforms that are currently present.

After repelled Vivendi, Ubisoft more open on the possibility of a redemption?

A message clearly addressed to current financial partners, highlighting the independence and strength of the current organization. But where is really Ubisoft, owned to 15% by the Guillemot clan ? We remember the mobilization to repel the attempt to buy by Vivendi, but the situation of the industry and the company has changed greatly since then and the publisher would be more open about what before. So, Ubisoft soon redeemed? For the moment, we are still far enough even if a participation is not excluded.

Recall that Tencent entered Ubisoft’s capital in 2018, with the warranty not to go beyond 5% before… 2023 . On the one hand, and as XboxSquad indicates, this kind of study is extremely commonplace for these funds. On the other hand, the redemption option will become concrete only if these funds feel that it is the best solution to generate profits. However, it will be necessary to wait for the opening of the stock market this morning and its attitude in the coming days to see how the market reacts, which could give additional reflection.

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7 minutes ago

Many want to buy part of Ubisoft, but a total redemption?
Very few are interested in buying a company with such imposing infrastructure, scattered around the world. The Ubisoft payroll must also be taken into account. No video game studio has so many employees, and the productions are much less profitable than in some cadors of the industry.

Buying Ubisoft is a complicated commitment and management. To see who is seduced by this project…

Read more…



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Grosses rumeurs de rachat de Ubisoft par des fonds d'investissement!!!

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