Epics attempts to get around 30% of the Google Play Store have

Epic Games recently submitted a request for fortnite which will be presented on the Google Play Store, the main market for Android applications, with the reserve that he can use his own payment platform for the game-a request that was refused by Google. As indicated in the post on Gamasutra by the research analyst on the Louise Shorthouse games, Epic’s efforts to access the Google Play Store could be revealing of fortnite is fighting on the Android platform, where it is currently offered exclusively Via the own Epic showcase.

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Epic has long disputed with Google the 30% reduction that Google requires its developers to appear in the Play Store. This percentage is a standard of the industry, with platforms like Steam taking the same amount, but Epic endeavored to counter this by publishing his own platform, Epic Games Store. This platform only takes only 12%reduction, with the aim of bringing more money to developers.

Epic was aggressive by creating competition with these other platforms with the acquisition of several paid exclusives. Steam has slightly changed its model, probably in response to the Epic model, but other windows on PC and console resisted the change in the 70/30 model they used.

Other royal battles, such as pubg, prospered on mobile, even if their performance on PC and console have decreased. This can be attributed, at least in part, to their presence on Google Play, where their games are in the foreground for consumers to see and download.

Epic a fortnite available for download from their website, but not have it on the easily accessible integrated application shop has probably affected the performance of the game.

Epic plans to publish an Android version of his shop, but it has been delayed indefinitely, showing that their priority is the PC shop, and reflecting their difficulties in obtaining the game on Android.

But Google will probably not change its model, and if Epic wants to see growth on Android, it may have to make a difficult decision. Is the company willing to abandon 30% of its turnover in order to gain this exhibition and increase its growth?

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