Remedy teases new game, could

Remedy’s creative director Sam Lake shared a revealing tweet that he had just started working on a “new story”. The project is still at its beginnings and has been described as “top secret”. We will probably learn more about it in a few years.

A Critique of Remedy's Connected Universe (Alan Wake, Quantum Break, & Control)

“I am in my brand new top secret writing lair. I am writing a new story,” Lake told his disciples. on Twitter. “You have been warned,” he added, while mentioning that you should be aware of the fact that it is a teaser for a new project-and we are.

Lake has solid history in terms of action and adventure titles based on the stories. He has just signed at the end of August Control, the first non -exclusive game exclusive to the Xbox since The Years of Remedy, published by 505 Games, the same Italian label which will take care of _ failure of death_ the PC version.

In addition to that, he worked on the first two games of the max Payne franchises, even by providing to the protagonist holding his own face, Alan Wake and rupture quantum, only the latter proved to be a little underperforming as in terms of Sales and criticisms.

What is more interesting is that Sam Lake recently said that the Finnish studio had always tried to revive the alan wake franchise between each of its projects. However, the development team failed to find a story or a gaming loop that could be worthy of it.

With Control just shipped, could it be the right time for another attempt by Alan Wake 2?

The studio recently bought the intellectual property rights from Alan Wake to Microsoft, which led to the rumors remastered on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, but just looking at this Lake tweet, there could be something In addition for the brand.

In addition, the last title of the Scandinavian development team contains many references to alan Wake and turned out to be a fairly reasonable effort to contain all the stories that the studio has told us in the last decade.

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