NBA News, Playoffs: Nobody has seen that yet – Booker is amazed at CP3

Chris Paul put a historical performance in Closeout Game against the New Orleans Pelicans and is the first player in the NBA playoff story to sink 14 of 14 throws in a game. Devin Booker raved about his teammate, and coach Monty Williams also had a special praise.

“Nobody has seen that yet, 14/14, something like that gives you the greatest self -confidence when you play with him,” said Devin Booker after the game. The two suns stars made a bet over $ 100 before the game: D-book put on the fact that CP3 will have more than two gymnastics (it was 3), which is why the point God had to pay its debts.

“I had no idea that I hadn’t missed a litter yet. At half -time I noticed that I might have to throw it more often,” said Paul. It was simply historical what the Guard conjured up on the court that evening. None of the 14 degrees came on the ring, instead it was another lesson in the matters of midrange shooting and floating. It has never been like that, only Wilt Chamberlain remained in the 1960s in more tries without a false throw, but “The Big Dipper” certainly did not take a single jump.

“That was outstanding,” cheered Suns coach Monty Williams: “We will celebrate that. Chris gave the game so much and invested so much to come to such positions. If he then delivers a game like this, then should that doesn’t remain unnoticed either. “

Teammate Booker, who gave his comeback after a thigh injury, had only one thing to suspend Paul’s idea. “I believe in Heat Checks,” said the Guard in the fun that he would never have such a game. “14/15 looks better for me than 14/14.” Paul, who was sitting next to Booker at the PK, contradicted: “I don’t think so often. I don’t throw so often to make Heat Checks. If I might not meet, I may cool down. They may have made it possible for me today that I will reach my favorite spots in the field. “

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The Suns won the series with 4-2 and are thus in the Conference Semifinals for the second time in a row. There it is now against the Dallas Mavericks, who won their series with 4-2 against Utah Jazz. Dallas is something like a favorite opponent of the Sun, the last nine duels with the Texans could win Phoenix.

Suns vs. Pelicans: The series at a glance

Game Date Time Home About result
1 18. April 3 o’clock Phoenix Sun New Orleans Pelicans 110: 99
2 20. April 4 o’clock Phoenix Suns New Orleans Pelicans 114: 125
3 23. April 3.30 a.m. New Orleans Pelicans Phoenix Sun 111: 114
4 25. April 3.30 a.m. New Orleans Pelicans Phoenix Suns 118: 103
5 27. April 4 o’clock Phoenix Sun New Orleans Pelicans 112: 97
6 29. April 1.30 a.m. New Orleans Pelicans Phoenix Sun 109: 115

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