Grand Chase, New World 12Magye-Ter Update

Kakao Games (CEO Cho Gye -hyun) updated the new World 12 ‘Magye -Ter’ on the mobile RPG ‘Grand Chase’ developed by Kog (CEO Lee Jong -won) on the 3rd.

Grandchase World boss 52.411 billion dmg (14-15 Full SI) with Ragnar Full SI

In the newly added World 12, the Grand Chase, who succeeded in moving back to the world and defeating Heitaros’ hands that extended toward the spirit world in World 11, commits the last conspiracy of Heitaros in the war in the final phase. I am drawing an adventure to do.

Kakao Games is a challenge to commemorate the new World 12 ‘Magye -Ter’ update! World 12 event ”. Users can perform various missions and earn points to receive various rewards such as SS 5 -star Hero Summon Ticket and 38 Grade Raid Equipment Set.

In addition, the soul imprint of the assault hero ‘Edel’, and on May 17, the soul imprint of the magical hero ‘Nelia’, and on the 31st, the soul engraving of the healing hero ‘Grandiel’ will be carried out sequentially.. In addition, ▲ ▲ ‘Special Summoning of Change’ ▲ ‘Children’s Day’ ▲ ‘Overkill’ will be held to provide various rewards.

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