The global release of Apex Legends Mobile will take place this month

After the soft launch of the mobile version of the Royal Battle of Apex Legends Mobile in some countries, and the Respawn developer Entertainment planned to release the game for the rest of the world this summer. But it became known that in fact the global release will take place even earlier.

Apex Legends Mobile GLOBAL Release Date!

According to the VGC portal, the Respawn Mobile Director Jordan Patz announced the launch of Apex Legends Mobile all over the world this month, May. Unfortunately, he did not disclose the exact date, leaving this work of the studio itself and its official announcement, which will most likely take place in the coming days.

Recall that the mobile version will be practically identical to its older version, that is, it will be free with the ability to make intra -game purchases that do not give advantages in gameplay. She will also have her own combat pass, cosmetics and unique unlocked objects. By the way, it is important to clarify that you should not hope to support the cross -flesh between the PC (consoles) and smartphones.

At the time of writing, more than 13 million users have already been pre -registered, and for this Respawn promises various pleasant bonuses at the start.

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