Everywhere: Details about Build a Rocket Boy game revealed

Leslie Benzies used to be in a leadership position with Rockstar North and later founded her specially studio called build a Rocket Boy. The vision is to develop as an independent studio AAA title.

Spawn Point Ft. Vidushi Balani from Build a Rocket Boy | The New Age of Game Makers
Information on the first, long -running project of the company has now become known via a Twitter contribution. The game bears the name Everywhere .

Everywhere should later be a “real-life” ready player one open-world-aaa game . The player will expect an epic story with several chapters and he can create his own world.

User-generated content is created and made available in a virtual sandbox, because Everywhere probably brings with it a multiplayer experience and deep integration of social and streaming content.

Since this is a project of an independent studio, your own funds are rather scarce. However, the development is financially supported by some well -known companies, such as Netease.

As already mentioned, the founder Leslie Benzies was involved in Rockstar and, among others, in the development of GTA . This should be predestined for a game of this size.

Unfortunately, there is no information about the period of publication.

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