We summarize EVE Fanfest 2022 – the main event for all Eve Online fans

Eve Fanfest 2022 ended, which means that the time has come to take stock of the event. The developers from CCP Games have revealed many plans to develop the game for the third decade. We have collected all important details in one material.

In the main presentation of the first day, the vision of the future Eve Online was revealed. CCP Games developers talked about plans for the third decade of product development.

story arches and extensions

Developers plan to develop the plot Eve Online through plot arches that will allow players to take part in the history of the world and directly influence the new Eden. The history of the first arch will develop for several months, and pilots provide many opportunities for discoveries and research.

EVE Online I EVE Fanfest 2022

Additions to EVE will return, the first of which is expected in the fourth quarter of 2022.

fractional war

CCP Games has always paid special attention to fractions wars, and they are not going to change this tradition. The war of the factions has always been an incredible part of Eve Online, which regularly led to amazing events with the direct participation of players. Developers plan to use fractionation wars as a means of updating many areas of the game, such as building mechanics, control over the territory, new ships, modules and balance renewal. CCP want to present a new system of loyalty, which allows pilots to participate in the hostilities of the factions without leaving their current corporations.

You will also see that NPC fractions will set their own goals, complementing the dynamic, constantly changing experience, which will soon offer a fractional war. Players associated with these NPC fractions will be rewarded for help in achieving goals, and success or failure will never be predetermined in advance.

The developers also seek to add more sense to the geography of the space of fractional wars, introducing new systems of front lines. The star systems of fractional wars, which border on the system controlled by the enemy, will be clearly indicated on the game map, which will facilitate their identification and transition to real actions. There you will find the best awards, faster turnover than in other systems, and more unique additional content. Meanwhile, the presence of HighSec unwitted systems guarantees that the front line will always be, even if one side dominates in the combat zone.

New era of identity and social interaction

Soon, players will have the opportunity to emphasize their personality with the help of alliance logos, information holograms and other visual changes in the ship. They can be purchased in a game store for a new currency – Interbus loans. This currency can only be obtained by playing, and it will not be available for exchange between characters.

In addition to this, a new unified fitting window will appear, in which heraldry and modules will be combined.

Evolution of the experience of new players

The immersion of beginners in Eve Online is one of the main priorities. In this direction, the developers planned several updates. In the early fall of 2022, a new arch of research will be added to the “Impressions for New Players”, which will become the third part of the story. Fillet pilots will be able to take part in it. In addition, the Air Career Program system will appear, which will help new players to understand the nuances of EVE and start their career. At the end of the year, certified skills will be presented with the possibility of creating corporate skills.

There are also some interesting changes that will benefit veterans, including the renewal of all skills, removal of characters’ attributes and complete processing of training implants.

We have already written about full integration with MS Excel in a separate news. The game will be added to the game to unload any data immediately to the table. In order for everything to work correctly, the developers turned to Microsoft directly for help, which received full support from the IT giant.

In addition, CCP will pay more attention to the improvements of the user interface. It is also planned to work on visual and sound effects, and the integration of Fidelity FX technology, which should increase performance for weak computers.

The second day of the festival did not bring particularly important new information, but revealed more details according to the already voiced plans. In particular, CCP told more about the arches of the narrative. They will tell a story in which the player takes an unnatural part. Ultimately, you will come to a climax that reveals significant changes in New Eden. New functions will also be presented through the arches of the narrative, and some of them are aimed at allowing you to feel your significance from belonging to the selected fraction.

Separately, the developers noted the rapid appearance of new mechanics, which will allow players to produce or buy items, making them available for purchase by other players. All this is aimed at developing the EVE economy, which gamers themselves create.

Improvements of other EVE aspects are also studied, including changes in balance for many ships classes, adjusting the time of restoration of jumping clones, improving the readability of maps and specific actions aimed at reducing the number of gankas. This should do PVP in HighSec more balanced and fair for all players.

Separate information reasons for EVE Fanfest 2022 were announcements of the developer of two games in the Eve Online universe. The CCP London studio is responsible for the development of a third -person’s tactical shooter called Project M5. And the team from CCP Shanghai makes a strategy with a big bias in politics, team interaction and control over the territories.

And for dessert – the second chapter of the graphic novel “Eve: Kapsulin chronic” came out. She tells about the fate of Otila – a participant in the invasion of Triglav in Ravoss, who chose the best tactics of survival long before he became a capsule. Two more chapters should be released by the end of the year, as well as a printed issue with a solid binding. You can download or read online a new chapter by link.

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