The anime “Four Knights of the Apocalypse” is officially announced. There is a poster

The next issue of Weekly Shonen Magazine is dedicated to the manga “Seven Mortal Sins”, which will turn ten years old in October, and its continuation.

The protagonist of the “four knights of the Apocalypse” Suzuki Nakaba became the young Persian – the boy lived with his grandfather in solitude, until fate brought him to Tristan, the son of Meliodas, and other children of sins. Now the anime is officially confirmed, although without indicating a particular studio.

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Netflix took to the hands of “Seven Mortal Sins” and will release films about Tristan. There is a teaser with cgi

But there is a poster with Persian and Melidas – for old acquaintances in the series there is also a place. A week later, Kodansha will publish in Japan the seventh volume of the “four knights of the Apocalypse”, while in Russia “seven mortal sins” are being released, approaching the equator.

The original anime has passed four seasons, several special issues and two films, ahead of two more full meters about Tristan from Netflix.

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