Crypot or Crown? Living actors and their heroes from the “Steel Alchemist: The final chapter”

The second video is published, introducing the fans of the Steel Alchemist with the two last parts of the game film adaptation. It is no longer dedicated to the plot, but to key characters.

The audience is well acquainted with Edward and Alphonse Elriki from previous films, but there are also enough new characters for life-explosions: here you and the scar, who are assigned an important role in history, and charismatic representatives of the Armstrong family-Major Alex and his sister, Major General Olivia. A full range of homunculi is attached.

Little brothers Elric and human transmutation – plot video “Steel Alchemist” with living actors

May 17 Warner Bros. The last trailer for the dilogy based on the manga Arakawa Hirom will post on YouTube.

“Steel alchemist: The final chapter – Avenger Scar” will be released in Japan on May 20, and “The Last Transmutation” – June 24.

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