Control AWE shows a first overview of the Alan Wake extension, a new update introducing more control points

Remedy organized a livestream with the first glance on Control: AWE, the second extension of the action-adventure game released in two weeks, which presents Alan Wake of the titular title Xbox 360 and PC.

The gameplay starts around 6:00 p.m., and you can check it here, while we will not give major details on the content of the story included.

According to Remedy, these are the first 15 minutes of the extension, where you can see a major Alan Wake reference delivered to correctly define the atmosphere of the additional content.

Сказ о том, как Alan Wake в гости к Control заходил (Control: AWE)

The Finnish developer is now working on the AWE extension, which is covered in the paying season package.

A free game update is also to come and was discussed during Livestream, providing some adjustments to the control gameplay.

Remedy adds more control points near Boss battles and generally large fights, to greatly reduce frustrating walks through the oldest house. In addition, more “flexible control points” will be added, and they should make people go through less fights when they die in the game.

A mode of assistance is about to be introduced as part of this update, offering a higher degree of personalization of the difficulty, making it easier precisely where players want to make it easier.

The control has been much appreciated since its original release but recently crossed controversy due to its ultimate edition.

The ultimate edition brings the title for the first time on Steam on August 27 and also releases on Epic Games Store, PS4 and Xbox One on September 10.

Although it includes all the additional paid content, as well as the incoming AWE, it was confirmed as the only way for players to obtain a free PS4 and Xbox One upgrade to the new generation PS5 and Xbox Series X.

It is not clear, even if a paid upgrade will be available for players who already have a copy of the normal game or not. This is a disappointing news for fans at a time when new generation upgrades are provided for free via Smart Delivery and the initiatives of individual publishers.

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