Alan Wake 2: new images of the game, the atmosphere is dismal or even unhealthy

Alan Wake 2 | ТРЕЙЛЕР (на русском; субтитры)
In addition to the announcement of Alan Wake Remastered on Nintendo Switch, the Remedy Entertainment studio gave a lot of information on the highly anticipated Alan Wake 2, revealed to the whole world in the last Game Awards in Los Angeles. Development follows its course according to Sam Lake, the Creative Director, which asks fans a little patience before being able to discover gameplay. He does not want to disrupt the concentration of his teams with a demo or other to keep this dynamic that he considers important. History to give a little grain to grind, artworks were however shared to give an overview of what awaits us soon. The game promises to be dark, with sets that will make us discover both the city, but also more natural environments like forests to go, which recalls the first episode. The image, on the other hand, of this old lady possessed with her knit in her hand and visibly finding herself in sewers proves that we will still have to be wary of everyone.

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