Expectations top: Moukokos difficult situation at BVB

In November 2020, the football world was spellbound on Borussia Dortmund, where with Youssoufa Moukoko a multi-sung Wunderkind ventured his first steps in professional football. A year and a half later the hype is over – but why?

With 40 goals in 28 U17 Bundesliga games for BVB, the then twelve-year-old Youssoufa Moukoko put the football world 2017/18 in turmoil. A year later, Moukoko increased his yield to 50 goals in 28 games, followed by 34 goals in 20 games in the first year at the U19.

Even if doubts about the age of the child prodigy stubbornly caused mistakes, the hymns of praise on the extraordinary abilities of the German-Cameroonian could hardly have been louder.

No wonder, because even if Moukoko admitted in conversation with the “WAZ” at the end of July 2021, the vertebrae for his age, the extreme attention and “a lot of hatred” on social media at the beginning and almost prompted himself to To withdraw from football, the attacker continued to deliver in an impressive way.

Moukoko caught a strong start at BVB

When the DFB reduced the minimum age in professional football for the 2020/21 season to 16, the doubters were clearly in the minority that Moukoko would also start in the men’s area. Especially since the youngster bridged the waiting time until his birthday in November with 13 goals in four U19 games.

There was no question that the left foot could not keep this quota with BVB professionals: With three goals in his first 14, not infrequently short Bundesliga missions (on average, Moukoko met every 137 minutes), however, the top talent caught a start that Expectations fueled again – then the evil awakening followed.

At the end of March, Moukoko put a ligament injury out of action for the rest of his debut season. In the new game year, finally introduced to the squad and at least recorded a template in five short missions (78 minutes), followed the next time -out due to muscle injuries. Moukoko fought back again, again a hit and a template in a manageable 71 minutes and another injury (torn muscle fiber) followed.

The 17-year-old has been part of the squad again since mid-April 2022, but longer appearances have not yet been booked on the lawn.

Chief Scout of Real Madrid supposedly set on BVB talent Moukoko

The Story Of Youssoufa Moukoko - BVB's Next Wunderkind
The “Bitter” “Bitteren Moukoko crash” recently called that BVB can now even imagine selling its jewel, according to the newspaper. Although there is a buyback clause, the farewell is no longer a taboo subject. Especially since Moukoko is currently not interested in extending his contract beyond the summer of 2023. A little later, the “Ruhr Nachrichten” even claimed that the relationship between Moukoko and BVB coach Rose was “not unencumbered”.

Rose, in turn, lost no time to make it clear what he thinks of the reports. “Do you actually know how old the boy is? He is 17”, given the headlines ago, he “has to be a bit clear”.

A somewhat more precise look at the statistics exposes that there are actually few reasons for a song on Moukoko. In the everyday business Bundesliga, Moukoko has so far collected 613 minutes of use, scored four goals and scored two goals. Makes a goal participation every 102 minutes – more than respectable.

So you supposedly also think of Real Madrid, where, according to “Defensa Central”, chief scout June Calafat has been based on an obligation Moukokos.

However, the question arises as to why BVB Moukoko should sell at all. With Erling Haaland, an overpowering competitor will leave the black and yellow. Although one should think about well -known replacement, the offensive game of the Dortmund should also offer more options for Moukoko without the all -determining target player.

However, Moukoko will also need happiness that his body will not let him down again and the public has to say goodbye to the dream that the junior overflower also shoots everything on the ground in the professional business. Because if you use 141 goals from 84 youth games, a “crash” cannot be prevented.

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