Gears 5 has the biggest launch in the history of the series

The armement of war The franchise has returned.

After the official release of the game last week, Microsoft announced that Engrenages 5 had the best launch of one of its first part games of this generation. This includes exceeding the tastes of halo: the Master CHIEF, HALO 5 collection and the previously published Gears of WAR 4.

The game has managed to win more than three million players on Xbox One and PC platforms since its release. These are double the number of which gears of war 4 produced in 2016.

Microsoft also noted that it was “the most played title on Xbox Game Studios since its first week since 2012”. HALO 4. ”This should be good news for the publisher and developers of The Coalition.

Gears 5 is the Biggest Xbox Game Studios Launch This Generation | The Jampack Report 9.17.19

The success of the game could come from its integration into the Xbox Game Pass program. All members of the program have full access to the game on their favorite platform. This could explain how he exceeded Gears of War 4 so quickly that he was not there at that time.

Of course, promotional supplements also help. A link with Terminator: Dark Fate brings the T-800 and Sarah Connor (with the voice of Linda Hamilton!) To the multiplayer part of the game. And yesterday, Dave Bautista, former pro-listor who became an actor, joined the Party, for free download. Let’s not forget the halo Reach Promo Pack, by enveloping two Spartan members.

Ents 5 is currently available for Xbox One and PC. Find out if you are a fan of the series, because he is one of the best entries to date.

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