Developers of MMORPG New World released a video day dedicated to updates in the game

The development team MMORPG New World released the next monthly video dedicated to the updates of the game. This time, the studio spoke about 3V3 PVP arena, the mutators in The Depths, the continuation of the plot content of Varangian Knights and some moments that we can expect in June.

New World's XP EGGStravaganza Event Info, Economy Updates & May Update News!

The developers decided to start with the PVP-Aren 3V3, which are one of the ways in which Amazon will allow players who do not have a lot of free time to take part in the PVP activeities. The selection of players will be carried out taking into account the maximum level. Consider this if you do not want your weak hero to be crushed by signing up to the top players. Participation in battles on arenas will allow you to earn experience and a new PVP boost.

Thide will appear in The Depths that will be used cyclically. Overgrown focuses on natural damage and resistance. Barbaric focuses on physical damage. The new curse of Fiendish will be focused on Novoal. The team believes that mutators will become a call for players and will allow you to enjoy thinking about new passing strategies.

In June, the New World will not be a large content update, but updates are planned with correction and events for players. These include the XP Extravaganza event, which will provide an opportunity to create and develop alternative characters.

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