Cosmic horror “Signalis” that survives the bizarre world, released in the fall of 2022! [Indie Live EXPO 2022]

Active gaming media game publishing brand PLAYISM is a kosmic horror “ Signalis “, which is handled by Developer Rose-Engine in cooperation with Humble Games at the “Indie Live EXPO 2022” distributed on May 22. We announced that it will be released in the fall of 2022.

This work is a title that combines science fiction and cosmic horror, influenced by survival horror masterpieces. Set on a frontier planet, the player manipulates the protagonist El Star and searches Ariane Yang, who has gone away from her crashed spaceship. The main features of this work are as follows.


Innovative gameplay reminiscent of classic survival horror games **

Psycho -horror element that invites fears that slowly sneak up

Cosmic horror that made the Eurasian continent during the Cold War the stage of his science fiction

Beautiful dot art animation

What will Elstar see the ruins who will gradually become flashbacks and hallucinations in a ruined facility? “Signalis” will be released in the fall of 2022 for PC (Windows) on Steam.

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