Too little, too late? Dice always tries to appease the Battlefield V community

Battlefield v had a fragile life after its release a little over a year ago. With an assertive fans base that requested transparency and changes, Dice had a lot of trouble putting this game on foot. Can this change with the update planned for tomorrow? Decided to attack the weapons and damage they cause outside their defined reach, the objective is to help change the way the shootings take place in the game.

The most important change is the narrowing of the Arms scope. This is intended to make the game The Weapons less frustrating by limiting the scope The Weapons which can cause the damage important, but many players from the community fear that this change will create a new series of frustrations, because they are not able to choose the commitment distance. For each meeting. This update also brings many minor modifications to the game, as detailed in update notes.

DICE can be in a loser-perceive situation, with a kind of inevitable disappointment with each change. That is not to say battlefield v is a failure, even a bad match. He has his problems, but following games like Hymne knows a catastrophic launch, we cannot say that battlefield v is a badly done game. The release of her royal battle mode earlier this year, called Firetorm, was welcomed, even if she did not take off as expected.

не запускается BFV ? решение проблемы Batllefield V!

It is also important to note that a new card, Wake Island, should be broadcast later this month, and that a new battlefield in which playing can sometimes help dissipate The Fans anger.

Battlefield v The __ problems have been well documented and the community remains passionate about the changes it wishes to see in the game. Most the problems that the players have encountered in the game are time to kill (TTK) and balancing The Weapons. After the massive success of champ of battle 1, the players were disappointed by the way Dice changed certain fundamental the games of the game. An attempt at innovation eventually collapsed and the studio is still trying to solve the problems.

Whatever the evolution of this game, it is good to know that DICE makes at least an effort to try. Hopefully there will be more communication with the community, more refinement for systems and, hopefully, that the game will maintain a feeling of momentum for the future.

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