Drawn trailer for the manga “My Hero Academy” and the new design of the deck for the sixth season of anime

On the Jump Comics YouTube channel, a trailer has been published, dedicated to professional heroes from the “My Hero Academy” and dedicated to the exit in Japan of the 34th tankobon manga Khorikoshi Kochey.

The Russian edition, by the way, recently reached the 18th volume. The story of the students of the Yuei Academy is systematically moving towards the denouement, but ahead of Deco, Bakugo, Shoto and the rest of the future superheroes are waiting for a lot of tests. So the anime from Bones (“Steel Alchemist”) moves in the direction of the sixth season.

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 1 Release Date Update | New OVAs + Early Showcase Announced!

On Twitter, the studio showed updated costumes of the main characters. And before the “war with the paranormal front of the liberation”, the audience is waiting for the summer OVA under the name “Heroic baseball league”.

In the summer, OVA will be released on the “My Hero Academy” about baseball with bizarns

The broadcast of the “My Heroic Academy” will be resumed next in the fall of next year, including Crunchyroll.

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