The demand for discrimination against PlayStation resurfaces after being dismissed

Sony/Playstation Hit With Gender Discrimination Class Action Lawsuit Yet Another Progressive Company

Emma Majo, former PlayStation employee, has once again submitted a lawsuit for gender discrimination against the company. The initial demand came last November and denounced gender discrimination through “discriminatory employment, practices and procedures” present “throughout the company.” Majo claimed that Sony employees “are subject to a different and unfair treatment” with respect to men “both salary and job opportunities.” Last March, eight other employees and extrabajadoras were added to this law.

However, the same judge said that some elements of the case could move forward, specifically those related to the dismissal of Majo, and that the case could return to rethink with more details about it. The former worker has presented a modified version of the law United States employees as mentioned initially.

The allegations that are collected are largely covered by the original demand where women are involved while they are granted while the men of the same department are granted, unequal wages, reprisals and “derogatory comments on Women’s skills ». A specific study by Deloitte is also appointed with a “very low” percentage of women in management. From Axios they indicate that they are now explicitly incorporated “more specific facts on the policies and practices of the whole group [in PlayStation] that institutionalized discrimination and harassment by gender reason.”

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