Management in Rising The Duke of Balaton Boss

The Duke of Balaton is a terrible gigantic toad, which lives only in order to protect his horde of meaningless treasures. The next leadership will tell you how to find and defeat the Duke of Balaton in V Rising.

V Rising The Duke of Balaton Location


To start the search for the Duke of Balaton, install the bloody altar in your castle. Then use the blood altar to track down the duke by smell of blood.

This will create a red trace that will lead you directly to the boss. You will fall into the extreme northern part of the map in the swamp of greed.

Recommended equipment to win the Duke of Balaton in V Riding

The duke is a boss of the 62nd level. If the level of your equipment is lower, get ready for the fact that you are slandered. Therefore, do not forget to update your weapon and equipment to level 62 (preferably higher), so that you have a chance to win.

This boss will be quite complicated if you go al1. It is strongly recommended to find a clan in which several allies will cover your back.

How to win the Duke of Balaton in V Riding

The Duke of Balaton has a lot of jumps, strokes and licking of the tongue that can be used in battle. He will spit out his tongue as a leash, as well as use close combat attacks at the beginning of the battle.

Think about fighting this boss at a distance with the help of a good-fed weapon, such as a crossbow. In addition, use your bone shield to block incoming attacks.

Please note that as soon as the duke reaches 50 percent of health, his eggs will appear. Then you will have to deal with the cubs until the duke returns.

This is one of the most time-consuming battles in V Rising. The Duke of Balaton has a huge scale of health. You will have to remain focused in order to evade its many attacks. If you have ended therapeutic objects, you are probably dead.

how to unlock the shape of a toad in V Ringing

The victory over Balaton’s Duke will give you the ability “Form of the toad”, after which you can turn into a toad at will.

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