Sniper Elite 5 did not go to EGS, and the money is already being returned for it

Today the Sniper Elite 5 shooter was released, but the gamers who bought it at the Epic Games Store store cannot start playing it. The problem is that the release did not take place in the EGS, and the money for the game has already begun to return to customers. The reason for what is happening is still not named and reported only about “unforeseen circumstances”, which was mentioned in the middle of the month.

Sniper Elite 5 but I’m a Hitman Who Can’t Stop Trolling the Bad German Men
Critics positively appreciated the product of Rebellion studio. On the Metacritic-aggregator website, the game received an average of 84 points out of 100. Game publication journalists highlight excellent shooting mechanics from a sniper rifle, branded for the entire Sniper Elite series, freedom of tactical actions and interesting stealth. But they criticize the mediocre plot and illogical artificial intelligence of opponents. On the Opencritic website, the game received 80 points from experts and 79% of the recommendations.

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