Open World Rogue Light RPG UNEXPLORED 2: THE WAYFARERS LEGACY is now available!

Ludomotion has started distribution of the sequel to the rogue light RPG “UNEXPLORED” released in 2017, “ UNEXPLORED 2: THE WAYFARER’S LEGACY “.

Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer's Legacy Review - I Dream of Indie Games

In this work, in the vast and rich fantasy world of automatic generation, players challenge the quest to destroy Staff OF Yendor (Yendor’s cane) as Wayfarer. During your trip, you encounter magic creatures, explore ancient archeological sites, and find legendary weapons and historical items.

Although the dead characters that have died without automatic storage or quick loading do not return again, the following characters can be used for items left in the selection and safe places. The game is difficult, and even if you don’t understand the meaning at first, you will be able to customize the world as you want.

“UNEXPLORED 2: THE WAYFAR’S LEGACY”, which combines rogue light, open world game, RPG, and desktop games to play slowly, is being distributed at Steam/ Games Store for Windows. 。 The Xbox version will be distributed on June 3, local time.

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