Portal Developer, this time singer Isora Docu? Steamed Pan certification

Korean interview, Korean gameplay, and now…

The portal series developer Jeep Barnet, which has gathered a big topic among domestic fans with the domestic love simulation play video, is attracting attention by creating a fan documentary that focuses on singer Isora.

On the 29th, Barnet uploaded a 30-minute long video on his YouTube channel titled ‘Why the world people don’t know the best singer Lee So-ra’.

Barnet said, “Koreans know Isora well, but they are not famous for foreign countries. So I made a documentary to introduce Isora, ”he said.

In the past interview, Barnet revealed his long ‘fan sentiment’ about Isora, saying, “I watched Lee’s proposal more than 60 times.” In fact, the video is full of detailed information and in-depth analysis unless it is a ‘steamed pan’.

The documentary divides her music activities into three times. From the period of ‘Diva’ of Lee So-ra’s debut, who had been exposed to the solo TV show, he felt burdened with foreign activities. He is tracking the music world until he finds.

The video, which borrowed the documentary format, is not just a simple fact about Isora. It discusses in detail the subjective criticism of each album released by each period, the various tribia occurring, and the artists’ mental changes.

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Furthermore, Isora’s music world, which encompasses a wide range of spectrum from Bossa Nova to Thrash Metal, is described based on a solid understanding of each genre. There are also reference in the album, new attempts in vocal styles, topics that penetrate the lyrics, and various analysis of recording problems.

Finally, Barnet finishes the video by discussing why Isora is not known abroad. You can check the video directly in the video.

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