Japanese horror Visit Visit Steam Store page is released. Fear involved in abandoned villages in the 2000s

On June 5, domestic individual game developers Toranpo released the Steam store page of ** abandoned village (Haisonmeguri). Violated village tours will be distributed around summer for PCs (Steam). The store page will be updated sequentially, and preview videos will be released.

Visit Village is a Japanese-style 3D horror game developed by Toranpo. The stage of this work is an abandoned village in Japan in the 2000s. At the time of writing the article, the gender, age of players, and reasons for visiting abandoned villages were not revealed. As far as the screenshots have been released, the protagonist explore the abandoned private houses and in the foggy village. The player seems to be scared by walking alone in the abandoned village. Toranpo explains the store page and tweet, and also explains this work as a walking simulator. In I guess, this work is more important to play game play, which walks around abandoned villages, rather than a confrontation with the mystery. Furniture and cardboard are left in private houses, but why are the residents gone? Also, what is lurking in the abandoned village? I would like to expect an atmosphere with an atmosphere.

This work is being developed by domestic individual game developers Toranpo. In November 2021, Steam released a horror game Return set in a Japanese rural town in the late summer of 2000s in the late summer of 2000s. In the same work, the hero who left the company and returned to his parents’ home encountered a mysterious phenomenon in a place where he should not enter. The atmosphere and atmosphere of the countryside were depicted, such as the feeling of the air in the countryside at the creepy night and in a quiet house where no one should be. The user review of Return was a status popular with 88 % popularity at the time of writing the article.

Visit abandoned village will be released for PC (Steam). According to Toranpo’s tweet, it seems to be distributed by the summer. In addition, his previous work, Return is being distributed at Steam for 310 yen including tax.

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